World Traveller 73


Air Canada Rouge is the low cost carrier version of Air Canada. It currently services it’s leisure United States, Caribbean and European markets to and from Canada. It is supposed to offer a cheaper alternative to cater to its leisure markets. However, it seems to have turned into a way to lower labor costs, while keeping prices very similar to their mainline offerings. It would be our first (and last) experience flying… Read More

American Express started opening airline travel lounges, inviting its members a place to relax before a flight. American Express has done an outstanding job with their lounges that are located in high traffic airports around North America and the world. While the lounges are often busy places, they make up for these shortfalls in better food and beverage. Our visit to the American Express Centurion Lounge in San Francisco was outstanding with… Read More

No matter how you leave Australia for the United States, it’s always a long journey. Today’s flight was blocked at fifteen hours of travel from Sydney to San Francisco. Our standby travel efforts had us being among the last to be assigned a seat at the very rear of the economy cabin on a United Airlines Boeing 777-200, which is among the work horses of the United long haul fleet. It’s certainly… Read More

While I don’t usually combine flight posts, it seems to make sense in this case since these flights blended into each other. Economy flights aren’t that exciting to write about, but they do form an important part of any trip. This combination of flights led us to our international American gateway, and formed the start of this International journey. This post is one chapter in our trip to the United Arab Emirates,… Read More