Trip Introduction: A Family Trip to Costa Rica via United Airlines


Trip Introduction: A Family Trip to Costa Rica via United Airlines

Trip Planning:

Greetings again. Myself and the newly minted Mrs WT73 had taken some time off between personal (but not work) travels since we’ve recently moved houses in Vancouver and needed to get settled before another adventure. This time, it was a family trip to the “all inclusive” Westin Playa Conchal in Liberia, Costa Rica. 

We ended up here because she has been after me for several years now do to an all inclusive resort “where we don’t have to pack up every 4 days to get to the next place”. The Westin fit the bill and as their first “all inclusive” resort, I was keen to give it a try. I should also mention that my nine year old son was traveling with us as well and we wanted a good solid and somewhat normal home base to call our own. 

Our holidays were schedule restricted due to work commitments and we ended up going during the rainy season in the last week of August 2013. The unlimited sparking wine offered by the resort certainly assisted with helping to convince my wife this would be wonderful experience, despite the gloomy weather. The resort did not end up disappointing.

The trip ended up looking like this:

YVR-IAH-LIR (paid)
LIR-EWR-YVR (paid)
A routing from Canada to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great location to visit as a family. I hope you’ll join us on this adventure.

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