There are times in travel where you get a unique opportunity to walk down memory lane. In this instance, it was returning to a restaurant where I had the opportunity to visit some thirty five years ago. When the average lifespan of a restaurant is only eight to ten years, getting the opportunity to visit a restaurant that’s been open for over one hundred and fifty years is something special to be… Read More

The city of Paris, France offers a wonderful introduction to a world class city in Western Europe. With wonderful landmarks, inspiring cuisine and enough museums and sights to fill a lifetime of visits, the city of Paris, France has something for everyone. Our first day in Paris, France consisted of a day of walking through some of Pari’s most famous sights. Returning to the Eiffel Tower & Central Paris, France There is… Read More

The Westin Paris – Vendôme was the clear winner in a choice of hotels in Paris, France where we could attempt to maximize our Marriott Bonvoy upgrade certificates. With a convenient location in the hip and upscale Vendôme neighbourhood of Paris, it met all the requirements for a deluxe hotel stay. How would we end up after experiencing the property for three days? Read on to see how we tested the Westin… Read More

Our last flight on Turkish Airlines would have us touching down in their oldest Airbus 330 series business class product. This aircraft featured some pretty tired and worn seats. Despite this, we still had the usual Turkish Airlines friendly service, along with excellent Do & Co Catering. How would our flight experience compare? Review: Turkish Airlines Business Class A330-3, Istanbul International Airport – Paris Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2A When I booked… Read More

Istanbul’s airport recently relocated from the Istanbul Atatürk International Airport to a brand new Istanbul International Airport facility located a short distance away. The move allowed the airport authority to develop many new lounges and amenities for its travellers. The iGA Lounge Istanbul represents one of these new lounges as the premier contract lounge at Istanbul International Airport. We would get the opportunity to fully test out of the new lounge on… Read More

The new Istanbul International Airport represents a vast improvement over the old Istanbul Atatürk International Airport. With improvements come additional space and amenities. The iGA Sleepod Istanbul is one of these improvements. The iGA Sleepod offers a capsule hotel where you can visit by the hour and obtain a fully flat sleep or nap within the secure side of the airport concourse. How would the iGA Sleepod Istanbul fare on our visit… Read More

Turkish Airlines recently relocated from Istanbul Atatürk International Airport to the newly built Istanbul International Airport. Along with the major move of operations from one airport to the other, Turkish Airlines received a brand new Turkish Airlines Lounge. We would get the opportunity to fully test out of the new lounge on our recent travels through the region. Review: Turkish Airlines Lounge Miles & Smiles, Istanbul International Airport, Turkey This visit was… Read More

Through its connecting hub in Istanbul, Turkey, Turkish Airlines provides connecting flights throughout Europe and the Middle East. If you chose carefully, you can find a wide body aircraft configuration with a fully flat business class seat. The majority of the time, its rivals offer business class with an economy class seat that is usually blocked in the middle. How would our medium-distance trip within Europe compare on this wide body experience?… Read More

The upscale Dan Hotels group operates a number of branded Dan Lounges throughout the Ben Gurion International Airport Terminal Three at Tel Aviv, Israel. While the Dan Hotels Group has many properties as part of the Leading Hotels of the World brand, it would be among the first hotel chain lounges that I’ve seen in the airport space. Our visit to the Dan Lounge would allow us to test out their facilities… Read More

The city of Tel Aviv, Israel contains a shore line that houses some of the city’s world class beaches. While people might be aware of Tel Aviv’s reputation as a beach going destination, I didn’t find a lot of information on what to expect when visiting Tel Aviv’s beaches. In this view, I organized this post on what to expect when visiting Tel Aviv’s beaches. Visiting Tel Aviv’s Beaches: A Day at… Read More

The walled city of Jerusalem, Israel contains several of the world’s most important religious sites and monuments. As an intersection of Christian, Jewish, Armenian and Islamic faiths, the location is a kaleidoscope of all faiths. While I don’t profess to be a particularly religious person, our visit to Jerusalem provided an insight into what makes this location famous. Read on to see what a visit to Jerusalem entails for a first time… Read More

The city of Tel Aviv, Israel has some world class beaches amongst it’s sights. With a three day stay in this wonderful city, we needed a conveniently located hotel located close to may of our sights. We decided on the Sheraton Tel Aviv. Our stay at this property was just what was needed for our multi day stay, and became a convenient base of operations for our time in the city. Review:… Read More