World Traveller 73


After waiting around for several years for international travel to re-open, and a general lack of reward availability for business class cabins, I decided that I had to change course when it came to planning to travel. In this case, frequent flier points became the preferred currency of choice, as you could easily cancel a business class ticket, without worrying about your currency being stuck and held with the airlines for several… Read More

This particular trip was one born out of needless travel comfort necessity. With elite mileage counters resetting to “zero” at the end of the calendar year, I needed a few extra miles and nights in order to re-qualify for Air Canada’s Aeroplan Elite Status and Marriott Bonvoy Titanium level status. While it isn’t essential to maintain status, it certainly makes travelling life a lot more comfortable. This is how I tipped the… Read More

At times, a great discounted travel opportunity comes up that becomes the genesis of a new trip. While I was searching around for something to do in this pandemic disrupted travel environment, I came across a great international business class fare from Western North America to Europe. Without much hesitation, we booked ourselves into a trip to France, Jordan and Israel. Read on to see how we put it all together. Trip… Read More

As the world slowly re-opened, MrsWT73 became aware of a concert opportunity in nearby Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. Since we hadn’t been anywhere significant or substantial aside from our earlier Caribbean trip, it came time for a journey down south to beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. Trip Introduction: Las Vegas, United States via Alaska Airlines Planning the Trip: During the re-opening days of the pandemic, MrsWT73… Read More

The Beach Coves of Curaçao are among the most interesting bays throughout the Caribbean. The island of Curaçao forms part of the ABC Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao in the Southern Caribbean. The Southern Caribbean had previously escaped my travels in the years up to now. With a yearning to explore, we safely booked ourselves on a week long get away to Curaçao to explore the coves of this Caribbean Island…. Read More

This different trip report outlined a trip that I took for a most unusual reason: to purchase a unique car all the way across the other side of one of the largest countries in the world. This report outlines the story of my unfortunate recent car accident, and my efforts to locate a replacement car. I would end up heading all the way across Canada to find the exact car that I… Read More

Travelling during a pandemic has never been fun. Planning a trip has been fraught with challenges along with flight cancellations, possible trip interruptions and Coronavirus health concerns. After almost fourteen months of isolation, in the middle of the Omicron variant, it was time for us to get back out travelling again. We tested the waters with a local trip to the Islands of Hawaii, United States of America. Trip Introduction: Honolulu, Hawaii,… Read More

The United Island Hopper is one of the world’s most unique travel routes. The route hops and skips its way across some of the most isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean. and is among some of the most popular flying for aviation fans that are into plain different routes. This trip outlines how I put together a trip through the United Airlines Island Hopper, along with what I saw along the way…. Read More

Summer travel is often among the hardest to gain outsized value. Demand is often high with families travelling together, hotel rates are often high and planners often get the best points and miles seats. However, having a diversified points and mileage balance can help families achieve strong value out of your travelling points and currencies. In this trip, we outline how we put together a family trip through Europe in the middle… Read More

The country of Morocco is particularly difficult to get to on points and miles. After we had passed over Morocco in favour of South Africa and and other Southern African destinations when redeeming our points and miles trips, it was finally time to maximize our rewards to get to Northern Africa. Read on to see how we did it. Trip Introduction: Iceland, Spain and Morocco via Icelandair Saga Class and British Airways… Read More

The countries of Eastern Africa have always been a little difficult to get to from my home in the Pacific Northwest in North America. While we had visited the Maasai Mara in Kenya in the past, the Islands of Tanzania and the Seychelles had always alluded me in the past. As a result of an upcoming Air Canada Aeroplan devaluation, we were able to get ourselves on a two week trip to… Read More

The southern state of Florida is a little harder to get to from my home in the Pacific Northwest as compared to California which is an easy 2 – 3 hour flight down our home in Vancouver. When MrsWT73 had an aerospace conference to go to in Fort Lauderdale, the decision was easy in terms of making the most of a free hotel to visit a state that I don’t usually get… Read More