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Trip Introduction: A Family Trip to Costa Rica via United Airlines Trip Planning: Greetings again. Myself and the newly minted Mrs WT73 had taken some time off between personal (but not work) travels since we’ve recently moved houses in Vancouver and needed to get settled before another adventure. This time, it was a family trip to the “all inclusive” Westin Playa Conchal in Liberia, Costa Rica.  We ended up here because she… Read More

Trip Introduction: The United Arab Emirates Empty Quarter, Doha Qatar and Huvadhoo Atoll, Maldives via United Airlines and Etihad Airways Trip Planning: In the summer of 2012, it came time to plan the next adventure. Our Star Alliance Around the World in First Class was a terrific, but a busy experience. We were looking for something a little more relaxing. In doing so, we ended up finding some pretty neat spots. Ever… Read More

A Star Alliance Around the World Trip in First Class is a journey that you’ll never forget. We set on this journey starting off with Air Canada’s Frequent Flyer program Aeroplan. Trip Introduction: Around the World #1 via China, Thailand & Spain on Asiana, Thai and Lufthansa First Class Trip Planning: In the summer of July 2011, I had been, err “involved” with an electronic affair with frequent forum Flyertalk for about… Read More

Trip Introduction: A Trip to Canada’s Bread Basket in Killarney Manitoba via Air Canada Business Class We had an overseas trip to Portugal and a trip to New Orleans in the United States of America fully cancelled as a result of the global pandemic’s wave across the world. With several cancelled flights, we had a ton of credits that were sitting around unused with a two year expiry date ticking away on… Read More

Trip Introduction: Lima, Machu Picchu, Peru and Middle Chile via Air Canada Executive First Trip Planning: This trip started with Ms World Traveller 73’s desire to visit Macchu Pichu in Peru. Indeed it was somewhere that I had always been interested in seeing, but wasn’t too high on the list. For me, it was sort of like Hawaii or Thailand, until I actually traveled to both of those places and ended up… Read More

This post is one chapter on our trip through the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada. This trip was booked using Marriott Bonvoy Points. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index. If you enjoyed this post, please follow us here or on social media through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more travel tips and hacks on… Read More

Trip Introduction: The Twilight of Burma, a Visit to Myanmar Travel Planning: I had been traveling to Singapore from the West Coast of Canada (Vancouver) ever since my first trip as 6 year old. My grandparents had retired there from Malaysia and my mom, who had been an expat since she was 20, made sure I got to know them. I got to travel to SE Asia quite a bit through the… Read More

Trip Introduction: New York, USA via Cathay Pacific First Class Trip Planning: Ever since MrsWT73 saw her first television episode of Sex in the City, she had her sights set on a visit to New York. Year after year passed and the trip seemed to elude us while we pursued more exotic travels and destinations. These included themed trips to Abu Dhabi and The United Arab Emirates Empty Quarter, made popular to some… Read More

Trip Introduction: Iceland, Spain and Morocco via Icelandair Saga Class and British Airways First Class Planning the Trip: MrsWT73 had been after me to get her to Morocco and Iceland for the better part of about two years. Given that Morocco is in Africa, and usually commands a hefty award premium for business class tickets, I had to get creative with the routings. Ultimately, we ended up forgoing wonderful fully flat seats… Read More

Trip Introduction: Christmas Market Villages in Germany via British Airways and Lufthansa First Class MrsWT73 has a yearly business meeting in Hanover, Germany every year at the end of the year. From a North American perspective, it’s a bizarre time for business travel but their company seems to get into it. She had asked me to tag along for an opportunity to visit the Christmas villages of Germany for some Glühwein wine…. Read More