World Traveller 73


While I hadn’t previously come to expect too much from a United Club, the airline has been on a modernization campaign worldwide. Over the past several years, United Airlines has improved, expanded and updated many of it’s lounges in North America. United operates a pacific hub in Los Angeles and had recently relocated and expanded it’s United Club. We would get to experience a five hour extended layover of which we had… Read More

New Zealand is a country that’s remotely located off the continent of Australia. As a result of its location, it has relied on a substantial airline network supplied through Air New Zealand to keep it connected to the rest of the world. With the long distances travelled, we get the opportunity to try out their flagship Air New Zealand international departures lounge prior to our international fight to French Polynesia. Review: Air… Read More

Air New Zealand operates a limited number of select Air New Zealand Regional Lounges, in addition to their regular Air New Zealand Domestic Business lounges, at various airports around New Zealand. The Air New Zealand Regional Lounges are often located close to regional airline departure gates. We would get the opportunity to test out their Regional Lounge service while we departed on a flight to the South Island. Review: Air New Zealand… Read More

Air New Zealand is a founding member of Star Alliance; the world’s largest airline network. Air New Zealand is the flag carrier of the country of New Zealand. As a country situated in one of the corners of the Pacific Ocean, and set against a background of New Zealand hospitality, we were keen to test out their Air New Zealand Lounges on our Air New Zealand domestic flight to New Zealand wine… Read More

The islands of the South Pacific are among the hardest in the world to get to using frequent flier reward miles. With a remote physical location in the world, a lack of airlines serving this part of the world, and limited airline alliances that allow for connectivity to and from this area, it’s a challenging region to visit on miles and points. This story is how we set out to visit several… Read More

The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Terminal Two was one of the largest outstation Maple Leaf Lounges in the United States and a far nicer version than it’s New York / New Jersey Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge counter parts. Unfortunately, the lounge had seen better days on our pass through and had suffered from the low rent touches before it transitioned completely over to Los Angeles Terminal Six. Review: Air Canada… Read More

The Star Alliance Business Class Lounge in Los Angeles International Airport Tom Bradley International Terminal has undergone a massive renovation and improvement. The lounge forms part of the renovated Tom Bradley international departure terminal and now features one of the nicest terraces and wine displays in any international business lounge worldwide. Review: Star Alliance Business Lounge, Tom Bradley International Terminal, Los Angeles International Airport, California, United States of America. After our Delta… Read More

The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Calgary International Airport is the sole Maple Leaf Lounge in existence at the Calgary Airport. As the only lounge, it does triple lounge duty as the domestic, transborder and international lounge for all Air Canada and Star Alliance Departures. Despite this responsibility, it does an excellent job at living up to expectations and offers a very good lounge experience with upscale touches. Review: Air Canada… Read More

Air Canada offers a fairly consistent lounge network throughout its network. At it’s major hub airports, Air Canada offers up to three different lounges in it’s domestic, trans-border and International zones at its major hub airports at Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Today’s visit was to the Montréal Domestic Lounge at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Review: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport – Domestic Gates, Montréal Quebec,… Read More

Turkish Airlines has attempted to establish itself as an alternative to the Middle East Three alliances by offering an excellent international business lounge at its hub in Istanbul Atatürk International Airport. Among it’s features are an ability to enjoy freshly brewed Turkish tea and simit, a traditional Turkish sesame seed bagel, unique tastes of Turkish and global dishes including where chefs prepare regional Turkish delicacies that appeal to both the eye, nose… Read More

Air India is the flag carrier of India. They recently joined the Star Alliance network, resulting in a standardized experience across all Star Alliance carriers. In doing this network of carriers, Air India had upgraded its lounge offerings to allow for consistent access and levels of service. We had the ability to visit the Air India Domestic Lounge in Indira Ghandi New Delhi Terminal 3 on our travels through the city. Review:… Read More

On arrival to Chennai, India we proceeded through India arrival immigration. India has this mixed category arrival situation where you have domestic passengers arriving in the same concourse area as international passengers. Domestic passengers were able to use the Domestic lines upon showing a boarding pass with the giant printed “D” on it. These lines are immediately adjacent and off to the side of to the international check in lines. This strange… Read More