World Traveller 73


United Airlines has a very large footprint at San Francisco International Airport and runs four separate lounges at this airport. The United Club “E” Gates is the smallest United Club at the San Francisco International Airport. The lounge served many of the United Airlines regional destinations that depart from San Francisco. We would end up checking out this lounge on our circuit of the United Club’s in San Francisco. Review: United Club… Read More

United Airlines has a few unique lounges in it’s worldwide system. One of these oddities is the United Club Lounge in San Francisco “G” International Terminal. This lounge started off life as the United Airlines Global First Class lounge when United Airlines expanded into the International Terminal and operated a First Class Cabin. Since United Airlines opened a United Polaris Business Lounge in 2019, and removed all of it’s First Class cabins,… Read More

Flights departing from Hawaii to the mainland United States typically leave in the late evening, making having access to some form of a lounge a necessity. Our United Airlines flight from Honolulu, USA to Vancouver, Canada would afford us access into United Clubs along the way. We would get the opportunity to visit their United Club Honolulu prior to the departure on our flight to San Francisco. Review: United Club Lounge –… Read More

United Airlines has had a presence in San Francisco since the 1930’s and the San Francisco International Airport operates as a domestic and international hub for the American carrier. As a result of this long history, it has a long and loyal base at this Californian coastal city. It is only fitting that they offer a flagship lounge for this location. We would visit what used to be their flagship lounge in… Read More

TAP Portugal is Western Europe’s Star Alliance carrier that serves many of it’s Western European destinations including an interesting route network through North Africa and Eastern North America. While it only offers a single lounge in the TAP network at its home base of Lisbon, Portugal, we would get an opportunity to test it out while departing Lisbon, Portugal. Review: TAP Portugal Premium Business Lounge, Lisbon Humberto Delgato International Airport Terminal One,… Read More

The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto Domestic represents Air Canada’s top flagship domestic business lounge. The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto Domestic is a reasonably new lounge offering that offers a spacious, but occasionally busy lounge area frequented by Canada’s most hard core business travellers. How does Canada’s flagship domestic lounge compare to most international competitors? Review: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, Toronto Domestic, Toronto Pearson International, Terminal One, Canada… Read More

Turkish Airlines aims to position itself as an alternative to the Middle East Three carriers of Emirates, Etihad and Qatar. By flying to over one hundred and twenty one countries, by offering connectivity through his hub in Istanbul, and by offering Star Alliance reward availability, it has uniquely positioned itself as a competitive force in the world’s air travels. We would fly their Business Class services westward from Istanbul to Toronto after… Read More

The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto International represents Air Canada’s top flagship international lounge. The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto International is a reasonably new lounge offering that offers a spacious lounge area and solid food buffet amid a contemporary setting. How would this lounge rate compared to other international business class departure lounges? Review: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, Toronto Pearson International, Terminal One, Canada We arrived into Toronto… Read More

While I hadn’t previously come to expect too much from a United Club, the airline has been on a modernization campaign worldwide. Over the past several years, United Airlines has improved, expanded and updated many of it’s lounges in North America. United operates a pacific hub in Los Angeles and had recently relocated and expanded it’s United Club. We would get to experience a five hour extended layover of which we had… Read More

New Zealand is a country that’s remotely located off the continent of Australia. As a result of its location, it has relied on a substantial airline network supplied through Air New Zealand to keep it connected to the rest of the world. With the long distances travelled, we get the opportunity to try out their flagship Air New Zealand international departures lounge prior to our international fight to French Polynesia. Review: Air… Read More

Air New Zealand operates a limited number of select Air New Zealand Regional Lounges, in addition to their regular Air New Zealand Domestic Business lounges, at various airports around New Zealand. The Air New Zealand Regional Lounges are often located close to regional airline departure gates. We would get the opportunity to test out their Regional Lounge service while we departed on a flight to the South Island. Review: Air New Zealand… Read More

Air New Zealand is a founding member of Star Alliance; the world’s largest airline network. Air New Zealand is the flag carrier of the country of New Zealand. As a country situated in one of the corners of the Pacific Ocean, and set against a background of New Zealand hospitality, we were keen to test out their Air New Zealand Lounges on our Air New Zealand domestic flight to New Zealand wine… Read More