World Traveller 73


Activity: Overland Travel from Yangon to Bago, Myanmar “A visit to Bago, Myanmar allowed a quick visit into the heartland of the Yangon Division of Myanmar. With access to a private car and a guide, we were able to get around to see many of the local sights with excellent local interpretation.” For our next day, I had arranged for a car and driver through the hotel to take us on a… Read More

Attraction Visit: Shwedagon Paya, Yangon, Myanmar “The Shwedagon Paya is the main event in Yangon. It’s beautiful colours of gold sparkle under the warm sun. Plan to spend several hours visiting here. Sunset photographers will be generously rewarded.” Our next day brought rain showers but we managed to make it out to the main event: the Shwedagon Paya. The dome here is the most sacred Buddhist site in Myanmar and the stupa… Read More

City Visit: The Streets of Yangon, Myanmar: “A walking tour through Yangon is like a trip back in time. A developing city, mixed in the cross roads of 2,000 year old religious shrines, low rise tower blocks mixed with street markets makes for an interesting sightseeing day” The next morning we took another $2 taxi into the heart of downtown Yangon. Visiting in September, it was rainy season and the city had… Read More

Review: The Governor’s Residence Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar Arriving to the hotel: We arrived to the hotel at about 4 PM, making it through the city to The Governor’s Residence. The Governor’s Residence is in a leafy embassy / residential district and is one of the few places in Yangon where tourists are found. Our rate ($159 USD) included a buffet breakfast. After Myanmar officially opened to tourists, the property was acquired by… Read More