World Traveller 73


The city of Tel Aviv, Israel contains a shore line that houses some of the city’s world class beaches. While people might be aware of Tel Aviv’s reputation as a beach going destination, I didn’t find a lot of information on what to expect when visiting Tel Aviv’s beaches. In this view, I organized this post on what to expect when visiting Tel Aviv’s beaches. Visiting Tel Aviv’s Beaches: A Day at… Read More

The walled city of Jerusalem, Israel contains several of the world’s most important religious sites and monuments. As an intersection of Christian, Jewish, Armenian and Islamic faiths, the location is a kaleidoscope of all faiths. While I don’t profess to be a particularly religious person, our visit to Jerusalem provided an insight into what makes this location famous. Read on to see what a visit to Jerusalem entails for a first time… Read More

The city of Amman, Jordan offers a great start to any holiday through the Kingdom of Jordan. With sloping views across The Citadel, exploring the Roman Theatre, and a complex series of markets throughout the city, you’ll find lots to explore within the city limits of Jordan. Views from The Citadel in Amman, Jordan The city of Amman, Jordan is likely the first city you’ll visit if you travel to Jordan. With… Read More

The desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan is a vast place full of secrets, views and inspiring places. While you could explore this region on your own, you’ll do much better hiring yourself a Bedouin Guide and 4 X 4 Truck in order to maximize your time and achieve the full potential out of your visit. Our visit gave us the highlights of the area, and provided some great Wadi Rum travel memories…. Read More

Jordan’s Kingdom is home to some amazing natural wonders. During our two day stay in Petra, Jordan, we took in the Petra by Night attraction. The Petra by Night attraction has visitors wandering through select ruins of Petra, taking in the sights by candle light. Read on to see whether taking the time and effort to see this evening attraction be worth your time and energy? Is It Worth Seeing Petra by… Read More

The ruins of Petra are Jordan’s main event. The ruins encompass an Ancient City once found at this intersection of trading. Unlike other cites, the ruins of Petra are quite spread out and require a lot of walking in order to get a full experience at Petra. Read on to see how we tackled this wonderful Ancient City, and how we best used our time at the site. How to Tackle the… Read More

The Caribbean island of Curaçao has a remote private island located just off it’s shores. The Klein Curaçao island is a remote island located on the south east shores of Curaçao. A day trip to the island offers your own opportunity to be cast away for a day in an environment that’s completely surrounded by shipwrecks, emerald blue waters and abandoned lighthouses. Follow us along our day on the island to see… Read More

The Giant’s Causeway in Bushmills, Northern Ireland was among my son’s number one tourist attraction to see on the whole European summer holiday. The Giant’s Causeway is an area of forty thousand basalt columns that were formed by a volcanic eruption that occurred some fifty to sixty million years ago. We enjoyed a full experience the Giant’s Causeway. Read on to see the details of our visit. Activity: In the Shadows at… Read More

One of the British tourist attractions that was very high up on my son’s visit list was the ruins of Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a pre-historic monument consisting of a ring of stones that is orientated towards the summer solstice. It’s a British cultural icon of which my son was super keen and interested to visit. Read on to see how we navigated through to Stonehenge and planned our day. Activity Attraction Visit:… Read More

Marrakech is full of surprises and today’s surprise led us to a pleasant walk around the square, followed by an discovery of the Secret Garden “Le Jardin Secret” in the middle of the walled city. The Secret Garden exists in the middle of the Marrakech walled city and is a neat experience just waiting to be discovered. City Visit: Finding the Secret Garden Outside the Jemma El Fnaa Square, Marrakech, Morocco. We… Read More

The Jemma El – Fnaa Square in Marrakech marks one of the key attractions in Marrakech. The square has been a trading ground for hundreds of years and has consequently, it has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status. We would end up walking through the walled city of Marrakech for our first exploration of this terrific square and a taste of Morocco. City Visit: Walking to Jemaa El Fnaa Square in… Read More

The costal region of Southern Iceland is truly a majestic and beautiful corner of the world. If you happen to visit it on a gorgeous day, you’ll be treated to awe inspiring scenery that is unrivalled through the world. We would spend today on a day of sightseeing between Nesjavillir to Dyronlaey in Southern Iceland. Region Visit: Waterfalls, Plane Wrecks and Glaciers. Nesjavillir to Dyrhólaey, Iceland. We woke up at about 8… Read More