World Traveller 73


Our second day of sightseeing around the city of Paris involved us taking in the Notre Dame Catherdral, the Ile St Louis, the Basilica du Sacré Coeur and the charming neighbourhood of Montmartre. We would spend a free style day of exploration through these charming sights, without the commitment of a firm schedule. This made for a pretty relaxing second day in Paris, France. What’s Left of Notre Dame Caterdral, Sacré Coeur… Read More

The city of Paris, France offers a wonderful introduction to a world class city in Western Europe. With wonderful landmarks, inspiring cuisine and enough museums and sights to fill a lifetime of visits, the city of Paris, France has something for everyone. Our first day in Paris, France consisted of a day of walking through some of Pari’s most famous sights. Returning to the Eiffel Tower & Central Paris, France There is… Read More

The Waikiki Beach area of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA is a little similar to New York’s Manhattan Island; it’s virtually impossible to find a free parking stall. Hotels and tourist accommodation in the area charge visitors accordingly, with nightly rates of up to $55 USD to park a vehicle. Over a week’s stay, this can add up to $385 USD before taxes and fees. Is there a way around paying these nightly parking… Read More

One of Kauai Island’s most appealing scenic attractions is the Hawaiian Grand Canyon located inland in the Waimea Canyon State Park. The Waimea Canyon State Park offers a drive up the spine of Waimea Canyon, allowing for scenic and picturesque views across the canyon on a clear day. Join us while we check out the best view points on the Waimea Canyon drive. Activity: A Day Climbing – Tips for Climbing Diamond… Read More

The Giant’s Causeway in Bushmills, Northern Ireland was among my son’s number one tourist attraction to see on the whole European summer holiday. The Giant’s Causeway is an area of forty thousand basalt columns that were formed by a volcanic eruption that occurred some fifty to sixty million years ago. We enjoyed a full experience the Giant’s Causeway. Read on to see the details of our visit. Activity: In the Shadows at… Read More

The City of Belfast, Northern Ireland isn’t known to be one of Europe’s greatest tourist attractions. After several years of conflict known as The Troubles, the city is seeing a resurgence of investment and visitors. The city is home a large amount of history having built the Titanic Luxury Liner that sank in the north Atlantic over one hundred years ago. It is also home to a few tourist attractions such as… Read More

The Cliff’s of Moher are among Ireland’s most famous tourist attractions. The Cliff’s of Moher run for about fourteen kilometres along the coastline of Ireland. Our travels from Athlone to Killarney had us taking in most of the afternoon at The Cliff’s of Moher. After a slight weather delay, we were able to appreciate the Cliff’s of Moher along with a walk to nearby Hag’s Head. Activity: Hiking Along the Cliffs of… Read More

Ireland has a lot of attractions that aren’t always top of mind. Today’s visit to Athlone, Ireland had us inspecting Athlone’s waterway locks and Ireland’s oldest bar. We would end up spending the day walking through Athlone’s town taking in the sights and experiencing life in a charming recreational town. Activity City Visit: Drinking at Ireland’s Oldest Bar, Athlone, Ireland We spent the morning driving in from Dublin and getting settled into… Read More

The country of Ireland is known for one of it’s most famous exports: Guinness Beer. Exported globally, it is one of the World’s most famous beers. We’d explore the home of Guinness; the Guinness Storehouse before taking a walk around one of Ireland’s most famous educational institutions; Trinity College. Activity City Visit: Calling on the Guinness Storehouse and Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland We had a relaxed wake up today. After a surprisingly… Read More

The City of Dublin, Ireland gets most of the tourist attraction attention for visitors to Ireland. It’s party town atmosphere amongst its pedestrian oriented streets in the Temple Bar District gets all the attention when compared against European City get aways. We would spend two days exploring Dublin for a brief introduction to Ireland, prior to setting out on a longer adventure through the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Activity City… Read More

Our second day in London had us visiting some of the attractions that the city has to offer. We started off with an attraction that had I had missed on past trips through; Churchill’s War Room. We followed this up with Westminster Abbey, followed by an evening play of School of Rock. Activity City Visit: Descending into Churchill’s War Rooms, Westminster Abbey and the School of Rock Musical Play, London, United Kingdom…. Read More

The City of London has so many attractions that you could spend a lifetime looking at them all. On our first day arriving to London, we decided to take it easy and do a general walking tour of Central London as we got used to spending our time in the city. Activity City Visit: Walking Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, Canada House and Whitehall Gardens, London, United Kingdom. Having had a very early… Read More