World Traveller 73


Activity: Overland Travel from Mhamid to Marrakech, Morocco It was departure day today. We slept in a little later today and got away from the camp at 9 AM. We bid good bye to our gracious hosts that took care of us and brought us drinks for the past 2 days. Travel from Mhamid back to Marrakech, Morocco –500+ km traveled Our departure took us on a more direct route involving less… Read More

Activity: Overland Travel from Marrakech to Mhamid, Morocco Booking and Planning: While we were in Morocco, we had about 6 days in the country thanks to the schedule of our trip and award availability. I wasn’t interested in spending all the time in Marrakech so I set out looking for something interesting to do. While we considered visiting Essouria, the Erg Cheddi Luxury Tented Camp outside of Mhamid seemed interesting. The Erg… Read More

Review: Lunch at Aman Jenna, Marrakech, Morocco Having done all the shopping we’d ever wanted, and having seen the walled city of Marrakech for two days, we ended up taking it easy in the morning. I came to the conclusion on this trip that Marrakech is pretty much a 2 or 3 day destination worth of things to see and visit, if you’re not staying at a resort for sun tanning or… Read More

City Visit: Marrakech, Morocco – Part II We had a leisurely wake up this morning and took in breakfast. Since this was an actual holiday, we ended up relaxing on the roof top of the riad for the start of the second day and enjoying all the heat that North Africa had to offer. A walking tour of Marrakech, Morocco: In the early afternoon, after the heat of the day had passed,… Read More

City Visit: Marrakech, Morocco – Part I A walking tour of Marrakech, Morocco After we had refreshed, and MrsWT73 had taken a small nap thanks to the early wake up and late nights of Spanish entertainment, we headed out for a walk around the old area of Marrakech. The Anayela riad was kind enough to supply us with a map and a Moroccan cell phone with the riad’s and driver’s number pre-programmed… Read More