Visiting Tel Aviv’s Beaches: A Day at Gordon’s Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel


The city of Tel Aviv, Israel contains a shore line that houses some of the city’s world class beaches. While people might be aware of Tel Aviv’s reputation as a beach going destination, I didn’t find a lot of information on what to expect when visiting Tel Aviv’s beaches. In this view, I organized this post on what to expect when visiting Tel Aviv’s beaches.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Jordan, Israel and France during the end of the pandemic. This trip was enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and Alaska Mileage Plan. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Visiting Tel Aviv’s Beaches: A Day at Gordon’s Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel

Although we had limited time in Israel, we made our best effort to get out and see. a little of what the city had to offer. One of the best features of the city are the beaches. of Tel Aviv. These are often located just steps from your hotel, making it an exceptionally convenient visit.

Why Visit Tel Aviv’s Beaches?

The city of Tel Aviv, Israel is known for it’s world class beaches. These beaches are located along most of this coastal cities shore line, with particular attention up towards the Gordon, Frishman and Burgashov Beaches.

Getting to Tel Aviv’s Beaches:

Ideally, you’re going to be located in a hotel almost adjacent to the beach. Our stay at the The Sheraton Tel Aviv, had us right across the street from the famous Gordon’s Beach, Tel Aviv.

There isn’t a lot of obvious street parking around the beaches as most of the area is residential towers and commercial hotels.. If you happen to be self driving, I would recommend using public transit to get to the beach area.

In our case, we simply left the Sheraton Tel Aviv and walked five minutes down the promenade to the beach access. It was an easy and level walk, and could easily be handled by those that have children or by those with mobility difficulties.

We brought towels with us from the hotel that were supplied by the Sheraton Tel Aviv. I didn’t locate anywhere along the beach that provided towels. If you’re not coming from a hotel, make sure you pack or bring a beach towel with you.

Renting a Beach Chair:

The city of Tel Aviv, Israel has a very orderly and organized system for renting beach chairs. Similar to purchasing a subway token (check the menus for English) you can rent a beach chair for a day for 16 New Shekels ($4.50 USD).

The machines accept Visa and Mastercard for those that didn’t have cash on them. The machine spits out a ticket, although no one ever checked to see our tickets on the beach itself.


Selecting a Chair:

Before (or after) you’ve purchased a ticket, you’ll have a pick of beach chairs at each designated zone. The chairs are located next to the lifeguard huts, which are manned throughout day time hours.

There is quite a bit of real estate on the beaches, so dependent if you’ve paid for a chair, a lounger and/or an umbrella, you should have your choice of seating arrangements if you arrive early enough. We arrived well before noon and didn’t have any challenges.

Settling in, we located a spot on the end of the rows.By picking a spot on the end of the rows, you have a little extra room should you wish to maneuver your chair around to face the sun’s rays.

We had no issues with the selection of a chair. The chairs themselves were in good quality and condition. The space made for a more comfortable stay throughout the day, instead of just plunking ourselves down on top of sand on a beach towel.

Food and Beverage:

There are quite a few food and beverage outlets located within close proximity to the beach. These offered a close and easy location to get food and drinks. They ranged from seated table service, to more couch / lounge type drink establishments.


Beach Waters:

The Gordon Beach’s water temperatures were really mild. We spent some time in the waters of the Mediterranean sea, under the shadows of the life guard tower and the nearby Sheraton and Renaissance hotels.

There were some excellent views of the Manhattan type skyline fronting the waterfront in Tel Aviv. This made the scenery of this particular beach pretty unique.

I might add that the sand at the beach was particularly fine and granular. Being close to a city, I was expecting that the beach might be a little more stony. Instead, the beach itself was super fine and similar to what you’d expect on a beach with a lot of shore break; super sandy sand that filters between your toes so easily.

Sunset at Gordon Beach:

We enjoyed such a nice time during our day at Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv. We ended up staying out for sunset. Since the best is west facing, we had a spectacular sunset towards the water.

It seemed that most visitors would come down to the water front for sunset. I spent a lot of time just taking it all in as the sun slipped away for another day.

We eventually re-treated towards the The Sheraton Tel Aviv for a zip through the lounge prior to heading out for dinner. We would end up departing the next day on Turkish Airlines Business Class Tel Aviv – Istanbul for our flights home.

My Thoughts on Visiting Tel Aviv’s Beaches:

I really enjoyed visiting Tel Aviv’s Beaches. The beaches themselves were of really good quality for a city beach, the amenities were great, and I didn’t feel as though I needed to retreat to the hotel for anything.

Everything was kept really clean and well maintained. I would easily return to Tel Aviv for a longer taste of the beaches.

If you been to Tel Aviv’s Beaches, do you have a favourite beach in the city?

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