Lunch at Aman Jenna, Marrakech, Morocco


It’s pretty unusual to get a wonderful and decadent lunch in the middle of Marrakech Morocco. Today’s excursion was highlighted by a need to see the Aman Jenna Resort, which has been the home to many movies set in exotic locations. We would take a scouting trip to the resort while we enjoyed a terrific lunch.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Iceland, the United Kingdom and Morocco. This trip was redeemed through Alaska Mileage Plan and enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Lunch at Aman Jenna, Marrakech, Morocco

Having done all the shopping we’d ever wanted, and having seen the walled city of Marrakech for two days, we ended up taking it easy in the morning. I came to the conclusion on this trip that Marrakech is pretty much a 2 or 3 day destination worth of things to see and visit, if you’re not staying at a resort for sun tanning or other relaxing time.

MrsWT73 wanted to go do a location scout for the scenes filmed in the Hollywood Movie” Sex in the City 2″. Many of the scenes were filmed at the Aman Jenna resort which was slightly out of town. We arranged with The Anayala, a Member of Design Hotels riad to go and get some transport out there and back. The Aman Jenna resort is in the middle of the Marrakech Palmeries area that is in the scrub land for the non landscaped areas out of the resorts.

The Aman Jenna is a super duper place. The staff were pretty much waiting on us where ever you went. The isolation and pools looked to be wonderful and it was a shame we weren’t staying. Having said that, rates can be upward of 600€ a night without taxes so it’s a good thing we visited for lunch.

There are some scenes visible from the general walkways of the hotel, in addition to the scene where Aiden (John Corbett) kisses Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) under the “7 arches named after the various Emirates”

The pool scene appears to be renovated and the view towards the Jewel Suite is actually to a non-existent building, or perhaps filmed at some other resort.


Food and Beverage:

Lunch was a nice affair. While I was disappointed we weren’t staying, I felt a bit better after seeing the prices. I had a smoked salmon and avocado sandwich with cherry tomatoes and a micro greens salad. MrsWT73 had a quinoa salad with mint, cucumbers and tomatoes. We each had a glass of wine. The bill with Aman Prices came to $102 USD for lunch. It was pretty tasty and fresh considering we were in Africa. It’s pictured with the “dumb” phone provided by our Anayela villa to contact our driver.

After lunch, we returned back to the riad and did some packing. We went back to the Café Arabe for dinner where I had a beef tagine with potatoes in their nice courtyard.

The Bottom Line:

Overall, I found Marrakech to be an interesting place. It was a great introduction for those that would be into visiting Africa for the first time. I didn’t find it to be all to authentic of an experience; I’d save that title for wandering the streets of Cairo. Having said that, there is enough there to keep you entertained for a few days. It also appeared reasonably tolerant of western values which a new time visitor to Africa may find appealing.

If you have visited some on location movie sets, what were your impressions when you’ve seen the locations in real life ?

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