World Traveller 73


Activity: Overland Travel from Mhamid to Marrakech, Morocco It was departure day today. We slept in a little later today and got away from the camp at 9 AM. We bid good bye to our gracious hosts that took care of us and brought us drinks for the past 2 days. Travel from Mhamid back to Marrakech, Morocco –500+ km traveled Our departure took us on a more direct route involving less… Read More

Activity: Overland Travel from Marrakech to Mhamid, Morocco Booking and Planning: While we were in Morocco, we had about 6 days in the country thanks to the schedule of our trip and award availability. I wasn’t interested in spending all the time in Marrakech so I set out looking for something interesting to do. While we considered visiting Essouria, the Erg Cheddi Luxury Tented Camp outside of Mhamid seemed interesting. The Erg… Read More