Review: Lufthansa Airlines A320, Munich – Malta.


After landing at Munich International Airport, our trip would continue onwards on a separate ticket. We’d continue onwards from Munich on a separate ticket on Lufthansa taking us down to the Mediterranean country of Malta. The Lufthansa service was proficient, comfortable and ran on time. Read on for our flight experience from Mainland Europe to the island of Malta.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Malta, Italy and Germany. This trip was enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status and credited to Alaska Mileage Plan and Air Canada’s Aeroplan. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Lufthansa Airlines A320, Munich International Airport – Malta International Airport

Booking the Trip:

Given the fact that the business class seats on Lufthansa short haul are also economy seats with a blocked middle seat, and with tight connections all around with no time for any meaningful lounge use, we opted for economy class tickets all around. We are without Star Alliance Gold status these days having lost my Star Gold status a few years back. We would end up crediting the flight to Air Canada’s Aeroplan frequent flier program.

We arrived off Air France Business Class Paris – Munich in Munich Terminal One. I had checked in to the Lufthansa flight online back in Vancouver in the event we had to make a run for the gate arriving after any cut off times with the boarding passes added to my Apple Wallet. The bags were a bit slow being dispensed from Air France, probably in part because it was pouring with rain outside.

Checking into Lufthansa Airlines:

We walked the long underground tunnel from Munich Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. We located the Lufthansa Economy Class area and re-printed our boarding cards through the kiosks. Lufthansa has moved towards self tagging and drop off bags and they have a neat dispenser that swallows up the checked bags after they have been weighed and tagged.

Lufthansa Check In at Munich

We ended up having some extra time with our 3 hour connection on the two separate tickets. We took in a pretzel and a Hell beer in terminal G. It wouldn’t be the Munich airport without an awesome car in the departure hall.

An Orange Audi in the Halls of Munich

We took the train out to the nice K gates, which is in the second building at Munich T2. It was my first time out there and it’s a nice, bright and new facility. It happens to also be the building with the better Lufthansa First Class Lounge Munich Satellite H Gates, featuring great views and a quiet atmosphere.

Munich Airport H Gates
Munich Airport Satellite Gates
Munich Airport K Gates

We were pretty exhausted by this point and MrsWT73 and I found some relaxation on some awesome loungers out by the gates. This was a great idea to whomever thought this up!

Enjoying the Loungers after an overnight trip

Lufthansa was not boarding by zone like everyone else in North America so after the priority board was announced, it was a free for all. We were among the first in line since we were hovering around the gates near the building support pillars and were able to easily store the carry on’s once we had gotten on board.

Boarding Podium at Munich Gate K09

On Board Lufthansa Airlines:

We had row 12 which was an exit emergency row that was easily booked on line. LH doesn’t permit any storage underneath the seats at all and were checking this space on a repeated basis. It’s also a good reminder that the seats in this row do not recline at all.

Row 12 Emergency Row

We were airborne pretty quickly. I was zonked at this point, not having been able to get any sleep since we left the house. I passed out pretty quickly with the crinkled neck against the fuselage wall.

Food and Beverage: A Chicken Sandwich

MrsWT73 had a chicken sandwich and white wine in plastic cup that was delivered during the flight. The food and beverage service was complimentary in economy.

An inflight snack

Since I was asleep, I missed most of the flight. I woke up to views of us approaching the island of Malta. We had nice landing approach with a flight path on the east side of the island. Being in seats 12EF we had a great view of the eastern coast of Malta on our way in.

Views on Approach to Malta
On Short Final on approach to Malta

We arrived to a non gate position at the main terminal. There were some Air Malta planes (now a Lufthansa subsidiary) on the apron. They rolled up the stairs and it was a short walk on the apron into the terminal.

Air Malta Livery
Disemarking our Lufthansa Flight in Malta
Walking Past our Air Malta Flight

My Thoughts on the Lufthansa Regional Service:

There is something about it; I guess I am a Lufthansa fan. The whole deal, even in economy, was much more pleasant that the Air France experience. The bright and classy Munich airport and the friendlier service on board compared to the bizarre Charles De Gaulle dungeons and somewhat surly service on Air France makes Lufthansa a winner in my books.

If you’ve flown Lufthansa Regional, did you enjoy the experience and found that it met your needs ?

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