Review: Aloft Munich, Germany

Review: Aloft Munich, Germany

There are MrsWT73 hotels and then there are WT73 hotels. Since MrsWT73 was leaving the next day on her company provided ticket, I opted for the ALoft Munich over the Le Meridien next door at about a 50 € a night savings. I had attempted to apply Suite Night Upgrades but they failed to clear. I wasn’t expecting too much since they don’t have many suites available at the Aloft but I figured it was worth trying anyway.

The Location:

The Aloft is immediately across the street from the South Munich Hautbahnhof entrance. It’s so close, you can actually see the Aloft sign from inside the train station.

“The Aloft Munich was great for a quick solo stay, but skip the breakfast offering for better coffee and pastries in the train station across the street”

On arrival, there was no line at check in. The friendly host was able to accomodate a verbally negotiated suite upgrade at check in after he radioed on a microphone to another staff member. We also accepted breakfast as the SPG Platinum Benefit, which was better value than 500 Marriott Reward points as a check in amenity which aren’t worth much in the Aloft brand.

The Room: A Sweet Suite

We led ourselves to room #518. The room was certainly the largest Aloft room that I have ever been in. The room had a slight L shape to it.

There was a comfortable looking bed in the middle of the room.

This was flanked by a small desk with power ports at the foot of the bed.

In the “L”, there was a firm couch that doubled as a sofa bed. Along with a bench chair that doubled as a his and hers’ suitcase stand for us. There was an additional counter desk.

There was also a bean bag in the corner as well. It had a few spots on it from other people’s usage. I’m not sure how hygienic these are but we didn’t end up using it as a result.

The bathroom was standard Aloft fare. It wasn’t super spacious but it did the trick.

The room was facing inwards towards the courtyard. This meant that the room has a lessor (to no) view. However, the room was much much quieter than our street facing room at the Le Meridien Munich one block over. MrsWT73 was super pleased at that. Here is a floor plan for those that were interested in it…

Food and Beverage:

(including a Platinum Breakfast)

We ended up taking the SPG Platinum breakfast in lieu of 500 welcome points. The points weren’t worth that much but I am sorry to report that the breakfast was even worse.

It was a far step down from the Le Meridien Munich next door. The breakfast offering was a small corner buffet style. Although they offered hot items, they seemed to run out with no more on offer for a substantial period of time. I waited about 17 minutes for scrambled eggs and the bacon was never replenished; empty for about an hour before the end of service. I ended up just taking a coffee while we waited for food to be brought out. Small things but it was not the easiest place to pickup food in a hurry; especially when you are waiting 30 minutes for food. This seems to be a challenge for them based on several negative reviews on line.

On Site Gym amenities:

There was also a large sized gym with actual daylight for a dorm room hotel. I never ended up with the opportunity to use it, but at least it was there if you needed it.

Local Food and Beverage in the Neighbourhood:

After the train ride from Hannover, we ended up having dinner next door at Munchen Stubn. It was a neat place serving traditional German food. Although it seemed a bit touristy, there were quite a few office groups in here on our visit.

I ended up with the pink roasted red medallion venison with port wine cranberry sauce, potato truffle gratin and brussels sprouts with bacon.

MrsWT73 ended up with Spaetzle; ever her favourite.

All in all, a terrific touristy dinner option right next to the hotel for casual fare.

In Summary:

The Aloft Munich was pretty standard for a quick stay. I was happy with the quieter room assignment and overall amenities. However, there was nothing spectacular about it and I’d easily opt for the Meridien next door if traveling with someone or wanted to enjoy the trip.

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