Review: DB Bahn – Inter City Express First Class, Hanover Hbf – Munich Hbf

Review: DB Bahn ICE First Class, Hanover Hbf – Munich Hbf

We left the hotel and drove the Audi back to the garage near the train station. The garage was two blocks away. We parked the car without any issue and rolled our suitcases back to the train station.

There was a soccer game on today and the Strastboug Christmas market (terrorism) shooting had just occurred 5 days ago. As a result, there was a very large police presence in the Hautbahnhof square of probably over 50 polizei with riot gear waiting around for something to happen.

DB Bahn – Inter City Express
ICE 857
First Class
Hannover Hautbahnhof – München Hautbahnhoff
Dec 15, 2018
12:28 PM – 5:17 PM
Actual: 12:33 PM – 6:20 PM

We eventually made our way to Gles / Track 4 and located our train.

The Seats:

We found the same familiar seats 44 / 46. This time we were riding backwards. The booking option doesn’t allow you to confirm the direction of travel so we took a guess and guessed wrong.

There was no included food and beverage on this trip. Unlike on the way up, we actually had an attendant take “pay for drink” orders this time.

Wifi was broken on the way down. Didn’t get much done and was slow as molasses as trying to connect. Overall the train service in Germany was less impressive than in Spain. Despite the lessened offering, it was much more convenient being city centre to city centre without much fuss at either end.

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