Review: Sheraton Hanover Pelikan, Hanover, Germany

Review: Sheraton Hanover Pelikan, Hannover, Germany

After getting back from Bremen, we had a short one night stay at the Sheraton Hanover Pelikan; MrsWT73’s usual spot while staying in town when she’s not on a mandated group work event at a designated hotel.

The Location:

The Pelikan occupies an almost suburban location about 4 stops away from the Hautbahnhof on the U train. It’s suburban enough that the U train is running at surface grade outside the hotel and not underground like the more urban locations. The structure was previously a factory of some sorts, so it has a unique shape to it for a hotel. Some photos from the next day…

We arrived to the hotel at around 9 PM and self parked the car. I was a bit envious as there were 3 BMW 5 series wagons in the garage of only 30 cars. I was super jealous as this is a car model I’ve previously owned but that BMW no longer imports into North America in favor of the X5 Sport Utility Vehicles or the 535 Grand Turismo.

The Sheraton Pelikan started its life as some form of a factory. As a result, the exterior is all red brick. The ceilings are also amazingly high; probably about 14 to 15 feet. We found our way to the front desk up a steep ramp and stairs. We were checked in promptly.

“Straight forward Sheraton fare in a building that started life as a factory, and now features upgraded renovated rooms, convention space and a great breakfast buffet”

The Room: A Deluxe Suite

I used a Suite Night Awards I had applied against the room which cleared into a Suite at about 5 days out. I wouldn’t have normally used it on a one night stay with a late arrival but they were expiring in 2 weeks time with no future travel planned for the year. I asked about getting a platinum breakfast and they indicated that they would offer the breakfast AND the points as a bonus. They didn’t offer the usual breakfast coupon and just referred me downstairs where they appeared to know me by name. I sensed that there were not too many Platinum guests staying here today; if ever.

We led ourselves up to room #225. The suite had two separate areas. Arriving to the suite, you were led into the living room. The room appeared to be recently renovated.

There was a working desk area, followed by a welcome note that I couldn’t read since I don’t understand German…

Followed by the bedroom with an actual king size bed (not two singles pushed together). This was welcomed for me as most of Europe seems to have two singles pushed together.

As indicated, the ceilings were amazingly high. This was a nice unique feature of the property as it was different than staying in the usual cookie cutter rooms.

There was an expresso coffee maker.

There was also a SPG Platinum amenity that consisted of an Orange, a kiwi and a piece of chocolate cake. There was also a welcome card that I couldn’t read as it was in German as indicated earlier.

The only area that wasn’t all to flattering was the bathroom, which appeared to only have a partial refresh. It had a quite institutional look to it along with tiles that looked like they belonged in the community YMCA.

Food and Beverage:

The next morning, we woke up for breakfast. The breakfast was in the 5thavenue breakfast room which was one level below the lobby. Despite it being down a level, it still have great daylight views into the courtyard. Being Christmas, there was a massive tree decorating the space.

There were also nearby restaurants with the Pelikanplatz square.

In Summary:

Overall, the property hit the spot for a Sheraton stay. The hotel was to typical western standards and a nicer stay than the Novotel experience thanks to the larger room. Although the location of the hotel is a little more out of the way, the chain options in Hanover are strictly limited. The Sheraton was a nicer choice than the other Marriott option Courtyard.

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