Review: The Ritz Carlton, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

This post is one chapter on our trip to Atlanta, Georgia on United Airlines and Air Canada. This trip was booked and credited to Aeroplan. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: The Ritz Carlton, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

After the CNN tour, we had an afternoon shopping at the North Georgia Premium Outlets. They were about 45 minutes north of Atlanta in the middle of the suburbs. I rented a car from the intown Hertz to get us there with plans for me to self drive back to the airport in the morning, saving myself a taxi fare in the early morning. I ended up with a base Jeep Cherokee that was only 2/8 full tank. The outlets were a bit disappointing in terms of selection and I wouldn’t bother with it next time. 

We had checked out of the Glenn Hotel and I had found a decent weekend rate at the Ritz Carlton Atlanta. This isn’t much of a review, but I ended up taking a few photographs for posterities sake.

On arrival, instead of the $45 mandatory valet fee, I parked the car immediately across the street in a self parking lot for $15 USD; which was valid until 6 AM. This wasn’t an issue as I was planning on leaving at about 4 AM for my flight and MrsWT73 ended up taking a taxi in the afternoon paid for by her company.

At the check in, we were offered an old school glass of champagne with / without strawberries from a cart off the lobby. The lobby was narrow and small scale and we had a short wait at the check in counter. It was full of people when I was there at 2 PM. There happened to be a major group of Koreans checking in; “There are many Kim’s arriving today, you should check to make sure I am the correct one”… oh boy. Funny.

We self led ourselves up to the room. The hallways were attractively done in their refurbishment. 

The hotel room had been fully refreshed with contemporary colors. It was unusual to get a nicely refreshed room in an older hotel. Despite this the appointments of the room were quite good. MrsWT73 gave her seal of approval. 

The window part of the room had a comfortable couch, in addition to a small work area.

There was a smaller suit hanger by the front entrance. Being an older property, the room was also quite spacious.

The room had a well appointed mini bar, in addition to snacks at the honor bar. There was also an espresso maker. 

The hotel was quite well situated. We went to Alco Cocina (Mexican) for dinner which I booked via open table. It had good tacos and draft beer available. It was a popular spot on Saturday night. 

Overall a great stay at this property, albeit a very short one. MrsWT73 approved of the bed and the room; which is a high bar indeed!! 

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