Review: United Club: Denver International – Concourse B

This post is one chapter on our trip to Atlanta, Georgia on United Airlines and Air Canada. This trip was booked and credited to Aeroplan. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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I got off the plane and into the busy B terminal. I took the train up to Concourse C and had a meal at Timberline Steaks, courtesy of Priority Pass Select who offered a $28 USD credit. It was friendly and pleasant service. There were no issues using Priority Pass and despite being breakfast to lunch changeover, they had no issues with me waiting around seated in the restaurant for lunch menu to start at 10:45 AM. The restaurant credit is a great deal for leisure travellers not on expense and it is too bad that it is being concluded for us American Express Platinum card holders.

I left a tip in addition to paying for the extras.

Accessing the United Club:

I came back to the United Club in the B Concourse. Access was granted thanks to the class of service on the ticket given that it was an “International” ticket. The United Airlines access policies are much more generous than the American Airlines One World policies that don’t allow access based on Transborder or Caribbean first class. It’s a stark contrast from Canada where access is granted based on class of service of the ticket and selling annual memberships to airlines lounges isn’t a primary revenue stream.

Inside the Denver United Club:

The club is still the same as it’s old days of lore. Brown furniture mark most of the main areas with slightly newer chairs that are quite firm to sit on. As in the last time that I was here, the place was packed more reminiscent of a bus holding lounge than anywhere actually quiet or tranquil to be in.

Food and Beverage (mostly snacks):

At least the snacks looked a little better than the cereal silos of years past… I also picked up a Global Traveler magazine along with a glass of Copper Moon Chardonnay to keep myself entertained…

The best part about the lounge were the unobstructed views of the apron. Although, being the United concourse, there weren’t much in the way of unusual airplane spotting opportunities.

The United Club Overall:

You’ll never mix this place up for one of the world’s greatest lounges. It’s a packed and busy experience with only a few nibbled to snack on. Despite this, the lounge has some terrific airside views and I’d make a point of stopping by in the future; if only to pick up a Global Traveller magazine.

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