World Traveller 73


After the CNN tour, we had an afternoon shopping at the North Georgia Premium Outlets. They were about 45 minutes north of Atlanta in the middle of the suburbs. I rented a car from the intown Hertz to get us there with plans for me to self drive back to the airport in the morning, saving myself a taxi fare in the early morning. I ended up with a base Jeep Cherokee… Read More

Review: CNN Studio Tour, Atlanta, Georgia, United States On our last full day in town, we ended up doing the CNN Studio Tour. Cable News Network offers both a general tour and a more exclusive VIP Tour with smaller groups. We opted for the VIP tour, mostly to avoid large scale tours.  We walked over from the hotel towards the CNN Center just one block from the hotel. The building was pretty… Read More

On my second day in Atlanta, being on Pacific Standard Time instead of Central Time Zone, I slept in a little. I picked up the last of the breakfast at the hotel while MrsWT73 finished up the last day of her work events. We set out in the afternoon to experience some of the attractions that Atlanta had to offer. The city of Atlanta is the home to many multi national companies,… Read More