World Traveller 73


Turkish Airlines has grown its service to Canada by offering flights from Istanbul to Toronto and Montreal, with future expansion planned for Vancouver. Today’s flight was to it’s newest Canadian destination at the time, Montreal. Thanks to great award availability, we were able to travel across the Atlantic Ocean in well fed style, courtesy of great DO & CO catering and a terrific meal service. Review: Turkish Airlines Business Class A330-3, Istanbul… Read More

Turkish Airlines has attempted to establish itself as an alternative to the Middle East Three alliances by offering an excellent international business lounge at its hub in Istanbul Atatürk International Airport. Among it’s features are an ability to enjoy freshly brewed Turkish tea and simit, a traditional Turkish sesame seed bagel, unique tastes of Turkish and global dishes including where chefs prepare regional Turkish delicacies that appeal to both the eye, nose… Read More

Turkish Airlines offers a consistent business class product and has an exceptionally large destination list, along with reasonably good partner reward availability, making it great for those frequent flier redemptions for members belonging to programs in the Star Alliance network. Please read on for our experience on how we would use them to get from India to North America in relative style. Review: Turkish Airlines Business Class A330-3, New Delhi Indira Gandhi… Read More

Turkish Airlines has been mounting themselves as a viable alternative to the Middle Eastern Three carriers of Qatar, Etihad and Emirates. Turkish Airlines offer excellent connectivity to over 120 countries from their connection hub in Istanbul Turkey and also through their network Star Alliance. In order to mount a reasonable competitive offence to these carriers, they have upped their lounge offering in order to elevate their standing. In doing so, they’ve established… Read More

Turkish Airlines is one the major carriers in Star Alliance. With flights to more destinations than any other carriers, and service to over 123 countries, they are almost a necessary carrier to deal with if you’re going to piece together large international Asian or Africa redemptions on a Star Alliance Frequent Flier Program. Our flight today was part of that strategy; using their services to get from Dubai up to Poland. We… Read More