World Traveller 73


The city of Sydney, Australia ranks among the great cities of the globe with a world class zoo within close proximity to its downtown core. While a zoo isn’t normally on my “must see” attractions list, it is certainly higher up on the list in a country that has some of the most unique animals in the world. Kangaroos’, koala bears and wallabies make up Australia’s intriguing animals. A visit to the… Read More

Our last visit to Sydney’s Beaches was to Camp’s Cove at Watson Bay. While less popular than one of the other more famous beaches in the Sydney area, it still offered a quiet beach experience with grainy sand and water sports amid calm waters. While a less popular spot than many of the other beaches around the Sydney area, this secret beach was a spot for people looking to get away from… Read More

Today’s objective was to visit the world famous Bondi Beach located in the suburbs of Sydney. The Bondi Beach has a large sandy area with terrific surf and access to a special coastal walkway from Bondi to Bronte Beach that ranks among the best coastal walkways in the world. Our day started on the beach taking in the sun, then transitioning over to a coastal walk once the sun had re-treated for… Read More

Local residents of Sydney, despite living in beauty, don’t always spend every waking moment at tourist attractions. Similar to local habitants of this wonderful city, we took in some of Sydney’s wonderful city beaches as we got to know the city and its surroundings. Today’s outing was to nearby Shelly Beach, located just a short walk from the more popular Manly Beach. Region Visit: A Day at Shelly Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia…. Read More

There are some cities in the world that are just photogenic by nature. Sydney, Australia is one of those cities with sights and structures to delight in. One of the easiest ways to take in the cities beauty is to take in a walk around the cities harbour. We started our walk from Darling Harbour through Dawes Point, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge over to the Sydney Opera House for a day… Read More

The City of Sydney, Australia has been inhabited for almost 30,000 years, and was discovered by western travellers in the 1770’s when the British when Lieutenant James Cook landed at Botany Bay on the Kurnell Peninsula. With settlers according after that the city has grown up with substantial colonial history at it’s cross roads. When you explore the cities streets, buildings and landmarks, it’s history and legacy are almost everywhere. City Visit:… Read More