A Day at Shelly Beach, Sydney, Australia


Local residents of Sydney, despite living in beauty, don’t always spend every waking moment at tourist attractions. Similar to local habitants of this wonderful city, we took in some of Sydney’s wonderful city beaches as we got to know the city and its surroundings. Today’s outing was to nearby Shelly Beach, located just a short walk from the more popular Manly Beach.

This post is one chapter in our trip to Australia on Air Canada & Qantas Business Class and United Airlines. This trip was booked using British Airways Executive Club Avios and Starwood Preferred Guest (Marriott Bonvoy) points. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Region Visit: A Day at Shelly Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

This post is about a day at Shelley Beach. For other attractions in Sydney, please see our visit to Historic Landmarks of the Central Business District, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, or our visit to Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Getting to Shelly Beach:

On our stay in Sydney, we also spent 3 days on various beaches around Sydney. I know that some people will ask why we bothered, considering that there are better beaches around the country of Australia. For this particular trip, we took the approach of focusing on food and wine and left the beaches to the surfers. In addition, we didn’t have enough time on this particular trip to head up to the Great Barrier Reef or the other legendary beaches such as Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia. The Sydney beaches proved to be a nice diversion and welcomed break from the city.

Shelley Beach is located a little ways from the Central Business District of Sydney. While it is accessible by ferry (via Manly) from Circular Quay, today we were picked up by one of my sister’s friends in his slick Range Rover and we drove over to Shelly Beach via Split Bridge. The drive took about 25 minutes.

Range Rover Transfer to Shelley Beach over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Shelly Beach was a nice protected area with a beautiful walk in from Manly. We packed up our beach stuff for the day and walked in on a coastal sea wall walkway.

The Walk into Shelley Beach
Shorelines towards Shelley Beach
Shelley Beach in the Upper Right
MrsWT73 smiling at her day of sunning ahead

Shelly Beach: A packed local wonder

Shelly Beach was a busy spot but everything you needed from a youthful beach. With everyone squeezed together, we ended up finding a spot of local real estate to call our own and settled in for the day.

A Day a Shelley Beach
A Busy Local’s Spot
Find a Patch of Sand and stick to it

The beach had everything we needed, with the exception of food. We ended up having to walk 10 minutes back to Manly for lunch since the local restaurant was having a full refurbishment renovation. 

A Wide Landscape of Sun Tanners

Spectating a local wedding:

We even managed to crash or otherwise spectate a wedding. It was a neat experience to be a part of, made even more unusual with the whole beach clapping at the end of it when the couple were pronounced man and wife.  

Arrival Wedding Signs
Arrival of Wedding Party
A walk down the beach “aisle”
Wedding Day
A Shelly Beach Wedding

Our experience at Shelly Beach:

Shelly Beach isn’t a beach that normally makes the write ups of anyone’s international tourist visit to Sydney. Despite this, it was the perfect discovery of a get away for travellers looking to spend time relaxing with some younger Sydney residents. It was well tucked away, making for an opportunity city beach get away discovery for those looking for a little adventure.

If you visit or live in Sydney, Australia what is your favourite beach?

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