World Traveller 73


Europe is full of terrific towns and city walking experiences that we don’t get in the Americas or many other parts of the world. Our around the world trip had us touching down in Warsaw, Poland for several days, allowing us to take in the streets of Warsaw, Poland and it’s historic Old Town. Our walking experience had us wandering to no particular destination at all, which is sometimes a travel feature… Read More

The city of Warsaw, Poland is home to one of the most important historical features to the Jewish Community; the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Our time in Warsaw took us past some of the subtle memorials to this horrific part of World War II history, along with developing a better appreciation for the events surrounding this part of Jewish history. This post is one chapter on our second Round the World trip via… Read More

Our trip around the world had us stopping in Poland for three nights in order to check out interesting Warsaw, Poland. We had a few choices of hotels from the Westin Warsaw that appeared to be a dull tower styled property, or the interesting Hotel Bristol which had been around since 1901. I don’t normally enjoy historic properties since they tend to be shabby chic but I am pleased to report that… Read More