Review: Qantas London Business Lounge, London Heathrow – Terminal 3, United Kingdom


Qantas Airlines offers some of the most consistent and terrific lounges in Australia and around the world. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself with the ability to access one, make sure you take advantage and savour the food and wine program found with each location. Our visit to the Qantas Business Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal Three allowed us the opportunity to enjoy the Gin and Tonic Bar, and relax before our flight in contemporary surroundings.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Iceland, the United Kingdom and Morocco. This trip was redeemed through Alaska Mileage Plan and enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Qantas London Business Lounge, London Heathrow – Terminal 3, London, United Kingdom

“The highlight of the Qantas Business Lounge are the Neil Perry inspired Gin and Tonic’s. It’s a highlight feature of this lounge every time I pass through”

Getting there:

We ended up departing the Le Meridien Piccadilly London hotel by taking the London Underground subway to get to Heathrow Terminal 3 airport today. Although it was direct and convenient, it reminded me why we took a non stop Blacklane car from Gatwick. The train is always a slower experience.

We navigated three sets of stairs down to the Piccadilly Circus station past the Frank Pick memorial montage; he was an early designer of the London Underground. Once on board, it was about 50 minutes to London Heathrow’s Terminal 3.

Getting to London Heathrow by London Underground
Descending into London’s Underground
A Public Way to Get to the Airport
Followed by Public Trains

Before we knew it, we were at our usual Heathrow Terminal #3 navigating the throngs of smokers outside.

Entering London Heathrow Terminal Three

Checking into British Airways First Class:

Our departing flight today was on British Airways First Class London – Vancouver. Unfortunately, the British Airways flight to Vancouver departs from Heathrow Terminal 3. As a result, we didn’t get access to the beautiful check in area found in Heathrow Terminal 5m or other fancy lobby areas. The British Airways London Heathrow Terminal 3 First Class counter which is a small area of 3 check in stations. On arrival, we had our seat assignments confirmed and given directions to the British Airways first class lounge.

British Airways First Class Check In at London Heathrow Terminal Three
British Airways First Class Check In at London Heathrow Terminal Three
British Airways First Class Check In at London Heathrow Terminal Three

We located the fast track which was a rather dignified way to depart Heathrow – unlike the dismal invasive process that Heathrow security usually is.

Fast Track Security at London Heathrow Terminal Three

Locating the Qantas London Lounge:

We stocked up on duty free and headed for Qantas London Lounge. There is a whole litany of lounges available in Terminal 3, although it’s pretty easy to find the various options.

The Lounge Directory at Heathrow Terminal Three

I dropped MrsWT73 off at her First Elemis Spa appointment at the British Airways which I had booked 28 days in advance. Despite booking right at the opening window, I was unable to get a time for myself within 3 hours of our flight. The earliest appointment I was able to get for myself was within 4 hours of our departure time, making ultimately “You First” more of an inconvenience than a benefit. MrsWT73 lucked out with availability for her treatment within 2.5 hrs of travel. It was dead quiet at the facility despite no appointment availabilities but no body actually there.

From there, I went over to Qantas Business Lounge with MrsWT73’ 3 carry on’s and my 2 carry on’s.

The Qantas London Lounge
The Qantas London Lounge

Accessing the Lounge:

A pleasant lounge host confirmed our entry and provided me with a quick tour after I indicated I had not been here before. Access to this business class lounge was provided courtesy of the British Airways First Class ticket, and the One World policy of allowing access to all One World Lounges despite the carrier.

The Qantas Lounge is fairly new and assumed the space previously occupied by the SAS / Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge London Heathrow before they vacated the location when they moved over to Heathrow Terminal Two under the Star Alliance “Move under One Roof” initiative.


Inside the Qantas Business Lounge:

Qantas has done a great job with the space with a modern contemporary look. I started on the ground floor where the mixologist’s bar was situated under the open staircase.

Qantas London Lounge Bar Seating
Qantas London Lounge Seating
Qantas London Lounge Bar

I led myself self upstairs where most of the seating was occupied. The place was deserted at the time of my visit.

Qantas London Lounge Seating
Qantas London Lounge Seating
Qantas London Lounge Seating
Qantas London Lounge Seating and Bar

Food and Beverage:

There was also a wine bar upstairs, that accented the space in a circular shape. Despite it featuring prominently in the space, I never usually see people sitting around the circular bar.

Qantas London Lounge Upstairs Bar

The back room of the upstairs has small snacks available for self service. In my experiences visiting the lounge, the food has always been interesting, but not super plentiful. It’s always been good for a snack to accent a better drink offering.

Qantas London Lounge Food and Beverage

One of the great features of this lounge are the speciality Gin and Tonics inspired by Neil Perry’s Rockpool restaurants in Australia. There are usually four or five distinct Gin and Tonics offered at the bar, each with their own taste and flavour profile. I ended up having a botanist gin & tonic with aperol spritz ice cube served in a proper glass.

Gin and Tonic Menu

It was so good, I actually had another one. It was the first time in about 48 hours that I was starting to feel a bit normal. It was nice to sit down in an empty space with very view people around. With just one Qantas flight to Dubai leaving this afternoon, the lounge was near empty and a great place to spend some time along with interesting Gin and Tonics.

We would eventually depart the lounge and head off on British Airways First Class London – Vancouver.

The Bottom Line: Qantas Business Lounge

Ultimately, the Qantas lounge was an awesome space, tastefully decorated. It was easily one of the better lounges in London Heathrow Terminal 3 and a welcomed stop. I always feel that my time here is too short. With the highlight of the Gin and Tonic’s inspired by Neil Perry’s Rockpool restaurants, make sure to enjoy one on your next visit through London Heathrow’s Terminal Three.

If you have visited the Qantas Business Lounge London Heathrow, do you enjoy the Gin and Tonic bar during your visit ?

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