Review: Alaska Airlines Board Room Lounge North Satellite – Seattle Tacoma, USA


Alaska Airlines used to have a light footprint in the Seattle Tacoma N Satellite concourse, previously operating the majority of its flights from the C and D Concourse at Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Through an expansion strategy, the N Satellite underwent an expansion featuring more gates and more available lounge space. In previous years, the Alaska footprint in the N Satellite was much more limited, consistent with the lounge that it operated at the time. We had a brief visit to the old lounge prior to our onwards flight to Los Angeles.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Fiji, New Zealand and French Polynesia. This trip was redeemed through Alaska Mileage Plan and AAdvantage frequent flier programs and enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Alaska Airlines Board Room Lounge, N Satellite – Seattle Tacoma International Airport, USA

Alaska Airlines used to operate a smaller Alaska Airlines Boardroom in the North Satellite Terminal. The lounge was eventually re-branded into the Alaska Airlines Lounge and operated for dozens of years. As part of a growth strategy, th Seattle Tacoma Airport under went a large expansion to accomodate several new gates. With this expansion, Alaska Airlines developed its new flagship Alaska Lounge N Satellite Seattle Tacoma, which occupied a large space on the second level of the N Satellite Concourse.

Locating the Alaska Board Room:

We arrived to the North Satellite Gates at Seattle Tacoma International Airport arriving off Alaska Airlines First Class Vancouver – Seattle. We would have had 6 minutes to make our original connection and since the plane was leaving from the “D” Concourse Gates (involving a two stop train ride) we just headed to the nearby Alaska Lounge to get us sorted out. The old Alaska Board Room Lounge was located just off N Satellite Gates N1 and N2.

Alaska Lounge Entrance N Satellite
Alaska Lounge Hours of Operation

Unfortunately, the lounge was not super helpful in keeping us in First Class. They were able to issue our boarding cards for our new flight, but sadly we were involuntarily downgraded from first into economy. The lounge directed us to Alaska Customer Care desks just down the way.

Alaska Airlines N Satellite Concourse Customer Service Desk

We left the lounge and went to nearby Customer Care. I asked if there were any other confirmed first seats available on later flights but they were completely sold out of First Class inventory for the day. Instead of opting to miss our Fiji Airways business class seats, we reluctantly accepted the downgrade into economy for the 2 hour and 15 minute ride down to Los Angeles. We were wait listed for First Class, with a caution that we were “low” on the list. I checked the app again later on wifi and it seems that we were very low. Oh boy: number #15 and #16 out of 16 on the list.

Yikes: A long way down at #15 and #16 on the Upgrade List

We returned to the Alaska Lounge and explained the situation involving the economy downgrade. They had no issues with admitting us based on our original ticket, and we went into the lounge located at the North Satellite Gates.


Accessing the Alaska Lounge:

The Alaska Lounge is usually accessible through a variety of means.

Alaska Lounges are accessible through an annual membership. Holding a membership card allows you access prior to your departing flight. Unlike many other American carriers, you can also get access as a paid first class passenger.

Unfortunately, you don’t qualify for access as an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan elite upgrader if you’ve purchased an economy fare and have found yourself upgraded to First Class. Select One World Sapphire and Emerald Members get access, dependent on the rules of their itinerary per the One World access policies.

Access is also possible through purchasing a one day pass.

Occasionally, Alaska Airlines offers access through Priority Pass. However, it’s developed a bit of a reputation for not allowing access due to over crowding. As a result, I wouldn’t rely on Priority Pass if you were insistent on visiting Alaska Lounges through this means.

Our access today was courtesy of our Alaska Mileage Plan First Class Award redemption, which is one of the categories that allows complimentary access. Even upgraded fares do not allow Alaska Lounge access. making access to this location a little challenging at times.

Inside the Alaska Airlines Board Room:

The Alaska Lounge has recently been refreshed and is a much more welcoming space compared to the Alaska Boardroom’s that I’ve been in during the past. It was much more modern and refreshing than the Alaska Airlines Lounge Los Angeles that we had previously visited.

There was a water feature immediately at the entrance. The seating was situated around floor to ceiling windows that ran the length of the lounge. There were a narrow bank of seats located along the windows, which made for slightly limited places to sit.

Alaska Airlines Boardroom Reception
Alaska Airlines Board Room Lounge Seating
Alaska Airlines Lounge Seating
Thin Lounge Seating Along the Windows

Food and Beverage:

The Alaska Board Room offered some light snacks consisting of cubed cheese, celery and a pancake machine that was still available during our 2PM visit.

The Alaska Airlines Instant Pancake Machine

I had some of the clam chowder soup that was available, which was tasty but very rich in texture.

Alaska Airlines Counter Snacks
Alaska Airlines Communal Tables for Dining or Working

The drinks were available from the bar. House drinks, including sparking wine for MrsWT73 were complimentary and premium drinks were available starting at 7$.

Alaska Airlines Lounge Bar
Lounge Snacks

The staff throughout the lounge from managers at reception to the bar staff were very friendly and surprisingly sympathetic to our experience; considering the number of passengers that they have to deal with that mis-connect throughout the day.

Views from the Lounge:

There were bright windows available throughout the lounge allowing for some great plane spotting activities with unobstructed views. MrsWT73 even commented that you didn’t get to see a plane arrive and get unpacked with this much clarity. It was a massive improvement from the old dungeon United Red Carpet club that was downstairs in the basement of this building that we used to regularly visit on our travels through Seattle.

Views from the Alaska Lounge
Arriving to Position: An Alaska Airlines Taxiing to Gate

We left the lounge at about thirty five minutes before our Alaska Airlines Seattle – Los Angeles flight to head over to our gate for boarding.

Our Experience with the Alaska Airlines Board Room:

Overall the Alaska lounge was a pleasant place to hang out for a bit. It was much nicer than the Alaska Lounge in Los Angeles, which was sadly in need of a major update on our last visit. The friendly management staff at the front were also surprisingly accommodating to deal with.

Editors Note: This lounge has since closed. Alaska Airlines now operates the larger flagship Alaska Airlines N Satellite Lounge Seattle Tacoma International Airport.

If you had the opportunity to visit the old Alaska Airlines Board Room in the N Satellite, did you have fond memories of this place before it closed?

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