Review: Alaska Airlines Lounge, Seattle Tacoma – C Concourse, Seattle, USA


Alaska Airlines has been on a competitive improvement campaign with its lounge network. One of it’s more recent offerings has been the newer lounge space at the end of Concourse C in Seattle Tacoma International Airport. For a completely new space, Alaska Airlines has done a great job in offering a slightly compact area, which great daylight lounge views.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Kaanapali, Maui, Hawaii, United States of America. This trip was redeemed through Alaska Mileage Plan on a 2 for 1 Companion Fare and enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Alaska Airlines Lounge, Seattle Tacoma “C” Concourse, Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

With a three hour layover between our Alaska Airlines First Class Vancouver – Seattle, and Alaska Airlines Seattle – Portland, we went over to the brand New Seattle Alaska Lounge in the “C” Concourse of the Sattle Tacoma International Airport. This version of the Alaska Lounge on June 30, 2017. During our visit in late August 2017, it was so new that it wasn’t even on the airport directory maps. As we had no other lounge options other than buying a day pass at the United Club Seattle or the Delta Airlines SkyClub Seattle, and not being eligible (at the time) for the American Express Centurion Studio Seattle, I sprung for entry at the Alaska Lounge.

Locating the Alaska Board Room:

This version of the Alaska Airlines Lounge is a smaller lounge located in the Seattle Tacoma C Concourse. It’s located at the very end and in a far corner of the C Concourse.

The Alaska Airlines Lounge “C” Concourse Seattle – Tacoma International Airport
Map Courtesy of Port of Seattle Website

The lounge has a somewhat of an odd location at the very end of the C Concourse. On my usual travels out of the C Concourse, I’ve typically been departing from the C2 B to M Gates or the C10 A – F Gates on the concourse that service the turbo prop routes on Alaska Airlines regional destinations. If departing from the C gates, you’ll probably pass your gate in order to get to this lounge, then have to back track in order to get back to your gate.

The Alaska Lounge Entrance at C Concourse, Seattle Tacoma International Airport

Accessing the Alaska Lounge:

The Alaska Lounge is usually accessible through a variety of means.

Alaska Lounges are accessible through an annual membership. Holding a membership card allows you access prior to your departing flight. Unlike many other American carriers, you can also get access as a paid first class passenger.

Unfortunately, you don’t qualify for access as an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan elite upgrader if you’ve purchased an economy fare and have found yourself upgraded to First Class. Select One World Sapphire and Emerald Members get access, dependent on the rules of their itinerary per the One World access policies.

Access is also possible through purchasing a one day pass.

Occasionally, Alaska Airlines offers access through Priority Pass. However, it’s developed a bit of a reputation for not allowing access due to over crowding. As a result, I wouldn’t rely on Priority Pass if you were insistent on visiting Alaska Lounges through this means.

The Reception at Alaska Lounge C Concourse, Seattle Tacoma

Our access today was courtesy of a purchased day pass. As we had a long layover, I bought day passes for the family for 3 at $45 USD each. As always, there were friendly Alaska managers at the reception. I paid for this with the Alaska Mileage Plan Credit Card and earned 3 Alaska Mileage Plan points per dollar on an eligible Alaska purchase.

Inside the Alaska Airlines Lounge:

This version of the Alaska Lounge is a brand new space. Once we settled inside, we found ourselves in a really nicely decorated “L” shaped lounge. Most of the seating space was against the windows, in a nice bright environment. While the environment was nice and bright, the lounge seating itself was quite limited as a result of a smaller lounge space at this particular lounge.

Lounge Seating at the Alaska Lounge C Concourse
Limited Lounge Seating at the Alaska Lounge C Concourse
A Trio of Seats at the Alaska Lounge
A Limited Bank of Seats Against the Windows
A Food Counter Towards the Entrance Walkways

At the back of the lounge, Alaska has placed a great water feature in the form of a large ceiling to floor waterfall. The space led to the bar and bar stool area.

An Impressive Water Feature: Unusual for an Airline Lounge
A Natural Divide: With West Coast Water

The Bar and Beverage Area:

The rear of the lounge offered the Alaska Lounge full service bar. The bar was a stand up variety, and didn’t contain any bar seating while at the bar itself.

The Alaska Lounge Bar
While there wasn’t a lot of bottle service, it kept the runway views clear!

There were a few Washington beers available on tap, in addition to MrsWT73’s favourite of free flow prosecco. The Alaska no tipping policy was also advertised.

It’s our pleasure to serve you – Please no Tipping

There was a little high top seating next to the bar itself. This seating area was limited to less than twenty seats overall in a combination of high table and low table configurations.

Alaska Aviation Themed Wallpaper
Alaska Aviation Themed Wallpaper

Views from the Lounge:

There weren’t too many seats but we were able to move to the window seats about only about 20 minutes. There were some gorgeous plane spotting opportunities here – the nicest of any lounge that I had remembered. It was much better than the old windowless dungeon United Red Carpet Club in the basement of the North Satellite Terminal.

Unusual Plane Spotting Opportunities, including the rare Alaska Air Cargo B737-7 series

Food and Beverage:

The food area was situated about halfway down the lounge. It had the usual Alaska pancake machine, along with some light breakfast snacks.

Lunch & Dinner and Late Night Happy Hour menus

Snacks were the operative word here – there wasn’t enough to replace a meal here. The muffins that were out this morning were enjoyable ; tasty and individually baked.

A Limited Snack Menu with some Select Offerings
Some Tasty Gourmet Muffins
A Small Condiment Station
The Alaska Airlines Pancake Machine

There was also a fancy espresso machine. Who’s going to complain about Starbucks Latte’s?

A Starbucks Latte, prepared by Black and White

Our Experience with the Alaska Airlines Lounge:

Overall, a great lounge space with limited food options and a slightly compact food print. I wouldn’t come here for the food, but come for the local micro brew beers, a comfortable atmosphere with great natural light and the no tipping policy. It was easily worth another visit. MrsWT73 and son kept happy!

If you had the opportunity to visit this smaller Alaska Airlines Lounge in C Concourse, did you find it worth the trip past your gate ?

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