Review: The Delta Sky Club, Sea-Tac Airport, South Satellite Concourse, Seattle, United States


The Sky Team network is one that doesn’t happen to have a lot of footprint in my home country of Canada. While it does offer many international connections to and from Canada to China, the lounges are something that have always escaped me. We would get the opportunity to visit the Delta Sky Club “S” Concourse at Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle, Washington, United States prior to our International Flight in First Class to Canada. The Delta Sky Club offered a contemporary space that was slightly more cutting edge and hip as compared to the usual American Airlines and United Club offerings.

This post is one chapter on our trip to South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates. This trip was redeemed through American Airlines AAdvantage & Alaska Mileage Plan. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: The Delta Sky Club, Sea-Tac International Airport – South Satellite “S” Concourse, Seattle, Washington, United States of America

This review is of the Delta Sky Club S Concourse. For another lounge in the Priority Pass network available at the Seattle S Concourse, please see our review of The Club at Sea S Concourse.

“The Delta Sky Club Sea Tac ‘S’ Concourse offered the usual contemporary Delta Sky Club furnishings, in a nicely decorated and conservatively ‘hip’ space”

Since I couldn’t find any award space over a six month period between Los Angeles and Vancouver on Alaska Airlines First Class, we had routed ourselves to Seattle via Alaska Airlines First Class Los Angeles – Seattle to end our journey as part of our award ticket. I was toying with the idea of dropping the last Los Angeles to Seattle Leg on the award ticket, but by the time I got around to it, the change fees for the ticket outweighed any savings that we would have had. I could have purchased another ticket and just not shown up for the last leg, but I think that it’s poor form failing to show up for a flight (especially since we would have probably been on another Alaska or Delta flight trying to credit to Alaska Mileage Plan). We ended up just buying a revenue ticket on Delta Airlines First Class Seattle – Vancouver on a separate ticket to get ourselves home. With our Delta First Class Ticket, we also got access to two free checked heavy bags, which was handing coming off an international flight with bags stuffed with African souvenirs.

Checking into Delta Airlines First Class:

On landing, we collected our bags and re-checked in at the Delta counters on the public side at Seattle – Tacoma airport. The check in was well marked, and distinctive with bright red Delta Sky Priority branding.

Delta Sky Priority Check In: Seattle
Delta Sky Priority Kiosks: Sea-Tac Airport

Since Seattle, USA to Vancouver, Canada is an international itinerary, and thanks to having a First Class ticket, we were given access to the Delta Sky club in the South Satellite Terminal. We took the tram over there and found ourselves a place to hang out. Our flight was scheduled to depart from the Seattle S Concourse where many international flights would depart fom.

Locating the Delta Sky Club:

South Satellite “S” Concourse

The Seattle Tacoma Airport is spread out in an odd layout. It’s got several wings off the main terminal and two out lying satellite buildings that are accessible by an underground train. There are currently two Delta Sky Club’s at this airport. Their flagship location is located in the “A” Concourse, whereas at the time of our visit, this was the only Delta Sky Club at the “S” Concourse located in the South Sateliltte building.

The South Satellite Lounge is accessed through the South Train Loop.

The Delta Sky Club “S” Concourse is located on the roof top level. It’s above all the gates and is accessed by stairs or a nearby elevator.

Stairs Access to the Delta Sky Club “S” Concourse
Delta Sky Club Reception: S Concourse Sea Tac International Airport

Accessing the Delta Sky Club Lounge:

The Delta Sky Club offers access through a variety of ways.

As a Delta Sky Club Individual Member (an annual lounge membership), you would get access for yourself and two guests, or spouse / domestic partner and children under 21 (at $39 USD), with a confirmed same day boarding pass.

As a Delta One or Sky Team Premium Cabin Passenger, access is granted for passengers travelling in the flagship Delta One cabin on a Domestic Flight, or in a Delta One cabin on an international flight, or on a domestic flight connecting to an international flight. For Sky Team passengers (excluding Delta), customers need to be travelling on an international First Class or Business Class ticket. International Travel is considered to me almost anywhere outside of the United States, except Guam, Saipan, Palau and the Carribean. There are no guests permitted for premium cabin passengers.

If you are a a Skyteam Elite Plus member, including Delta Diamond, Platinum or Gold Medallion Members, you get access when travelling internationally, or connecting to and from an international flight. One guest is permitted.

If you happen to hold a variety of American Express cards, including the American Express Centurion or Platinum Cards, and the American Express Delta SkyMiles Reserve, you are given access with a confirmed same day boarding pass on a departing Delta Airlines flight. No guests are permitted.

Westjet Business Class Passengers and Westjet Rewards Gold and Platinum Members are provided access in conjunction with same day international travel on a flight operated by Westjet or Delta Airlines. No guests are permitted.

In our case, access was granted through travel on a confirmed international flight (to Canada) in a Delta First Class cabin.

Inside the Delta Sky Club “S” Concourse:

Once we were inside, we bunked down in the corner after our long travel day. The space was nicely re-freshed and re-modeled similar to other Delta sky Clubs in the system. There was Dom Perignon champagne available for purchase at the bar but we didn’t indulge this time around; at least not at the prices that they were asking! 

Sky Club Bar
Delta Sky Club Space with Floor to Ceiling Windows
Delta Sky Club Lounge Space

The lounge, like several others on this trip, offered good air side views thanks to giant floor to ceiling windows. It was much better than the old United Red Carpet Club in the basement of the North Satellite terminal, which was a windowless dungeon by comparison.

Views of the Alaska Airlines Hangar from the Delta Sky Club

We would end up relaxing in the Delta Sky Club S Concourse prior to heading to our Delta Airlines First Class Seattle – Vancouver flight.

The Bottom Line: The Delta Sky Club Seattle S Councouse

In summary, the Delta Sky Club lounges are nicely decorated and we’ve found them reasonable and comfortable places to hang out before a flight. The food offerings seem to have improved in the last few years to a better level than the comparable United Clubs in the Star Alliance network. There isn’t anything all to special about the Seattle version of this – other than it offers nice day light windows which you don’t always get in every airport.

If you have visited the Delta Sky Club in Seattle, do you make an effort to get there early to visit it?

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