Review: Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge, Bangkok Survharnabhumi, Bangkok, Thailand


Thai Airways operates one of the most unique features in air travel today at is home airport of Bangkok Survharnabhumi. Thai Airways has set up a full, purpose built, airline spa to compliment it’s premium traveller lounge services. For passengers lucky enough to be traveling in business or first class, they are able to access a fabulous facility for a complimentary treatment.

This post is one chapter on our second Round the World trip via Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Poland. This trip was redeemed through Air Canada’s Aeroplan and through Starwood Preferred Guest (Marriott Bonvoy) loyalty programs. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge, Bangkok Survharnabhumi, Bangkok, Thailand.

This review is of the Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Lounge Bangkok Survharnabhumi. This post should be read in tandem with the review of the Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa at Bangkok Survharnabhumi, as if you have access to the lounge, you may have access to the spa – depending on which carrier you are flying.

“One of the world’s longest Business Class Lounges end to end, with liquor and wine only available at the opposite end”

With our hair sideways from the massage, we crossed the street to the Royal Silk Lounge. Both times I’ve been here, I’ve never been able to get the sign to photograph well. This is the view of the back door of the lounge.

The Back Door – Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Lounge

Locating the Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok:

The Lounge is very centrally located for Bangkok departing passengers. The lounge shape occupies a massive rectangular shape in the central part of the Bangkok terminal. After you clear security and departure immigration, the lounge is located at the bottom of the escalators.

It’s a bit dis-orienting for Bangkok connecting passengers as the primary entrance to the lounge is located in an areas away from the connecting security check points. The best advice I can provide is to orient yourself towards the central part of the airport by Concourse “D” for access.

Accessing the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge:

In order to access the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge, you need to be departing on a Star Alliance flight in Business or First Class. If you are a member of Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus Gold Status Member (over 50,000 status miles per year) or higher tier, you also get complimentary access.

Our access today was courtesy of a Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class ticket on our Bangkok – Dubai flight scheduled for later that afternoon.

Inside the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge:

Last time on our visit, we were fortunate enough to be in the Thai Royal First Lounge. Being my first visit to the Thai Royal Silk Lounge, it took some time to get oriented with the configuration of the lounge.

The Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge is a massive facility at 2,410 sq.m (25,940 sq ft). It’s elongated foot print makes it essentially a very long and rectangular lounge with several different food stations throughout the lounge. It has the ability to accommodate 275 passengers when fully occupied.

The Long Rectangular Royal Silk Business Lounge
Food Station (left) next to Lounge Chairs
Ample Seating
Lengthy Seating

Having arrived to the lounge by the back door, we eventually located the main entry to the lounge and the sole bar.

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Main Entry
Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Entrance and Bar

There was also a small work area with computers available tucked into the back of the lounge, for those that needed internet connectivity.

Workstation Areas with Available Computers

Food and Beverage:

The lounge advertised a Buffet Bar with a selection of hot small servings, snacks and refreshments. It was a bit of a strange offering. It was a pretty preserved and packaged style offerings, that didn’t appear overly appealing or attractive.

Pastries Selection
Buffet Selections
Salad Selections
Salad Offerings
Finger Sandwiches
Buffet Counters

The food was definitely more along the “snack” lines, rather than being able to substitute for a whole meal. This was a bit surprising since Thai Airways has positioned itself as a connecting airport for Asian and Australian travellers.

Having entered the through the lounge back door, it took us a little time to locate the bar service.

At each food station were fridges with Singa and Heineken beer. Despite trying my hardest, I couldn’t find any wine or hard spirits. We initially considered heading to the nearby Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge but didn’t bother to make the trek or search it out. MrsWT73 wasn’t too particularly pleased with the lack of wine, but having just had a massage and being in relaxation mode, we weren’t displeased enough to leave and make a lounge switch. 

Enjoying a Post Massage Singha Beer

After about 30 minutes, I located the bar at the main entrance to the lounge across the escalator well where you board the golf carts to get to the Royal First Lounge. The escalator area feeds down from the Bangkok Business and First dedicated immigration counters so it would be somewhat easy to miss the bar since the lounge is on the other side of it in an open concept format. 

The Sole Bar in the Thai Royal Silk Lounge

The Bottom Line: The Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge

Thai Airways offers a pretty unique suite of connection features which include the longest lounge I think I’ve ever been in, and a suite of massage offerings at their nearby spa. While the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge isn’t going to blow you away, it’s a relaxing place to spend some time in prior to any flight. The Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa is the feature that’s not to be missed, so make sure you arrive early for your spa treatment if you are eligible.

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