Review: Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa, Bangkok Survharnabhumi, Bangkok, Thailand


Thai Airways operates one of the most unique features in air travel today at is home airport of Bangkok Survharnabhumi. Thai Airways has set up a full, purpose built, airline spa to compliment it’s premium traveller lounge services. For passengers lucky enough to be traveling in business or first class, they are able to access a fabulous facility for a complimentary treatment. We got to experience this luxury as we transferred through Bangkok on our way to the Middle East.

This post is one chapter on our second Round the World trip via Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Poland. This trip was redeemed through Air Canada’s Aeroplan and through Starwood Preferred Guest (Marriott Bonvoy) loyalty programs. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa, Bangkok Survharnabhumi, Bangkok, Thailand.

This review is of the Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa at Bangkok Survharnabhumi. This post should be read in tandem with the review of the Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Lounge Bangkok Survharnabhumi, as if you have access to the lounge, you may have access to the spa – depending on which carrier you are flying.

This won’t be news to many of you frequent travelers but here it is; Thai Airways offers complimentary massage services for Thai Airways premium passengers in business and first class. Business Class passengers are offered a thirty minute neck and shoulders or foot massage. First class passengers are offered a sixty minute full body oil or thai massage. We experienced the full sixty minute massage the last time we were through Survarnabumi on our last Round the World Trip flying Thai Airways First Class Bangkok – Madrid, and it was a terrific unique way to spend some time immediately prior to your flight.

As described from their website:

THAI has recreated the fine art of the Thai spa in our home airport, offering our guests a relaxation and rejuvenation experience that’s found nowhere else in the air travel industry. Meticulously decorated in quieting Thai aesthetics colours and themes, and insulated from the noise and bustle of the airport around it, the Royal Orchid Spa is a multi-sensory oasis that brings the art of the journey to new heights. Enjoy a full menu of Thai, foot, or oil massages that use aromatherapy and gentle music to ease you into supreme relaxation, or take an herbal steam or sauna treatment to ease the aches out of your travel-weary body. Finish with a cleansing shower and a fine meal, and you’ll emerge from our spa in an almost impossibly refreshed state, ready for the next travel adventure.

Thai Airways

Locating the Royal Orchid Spa Bangkok:

After we disembarked, we entered into the older Survarnabhumi Bangkok airport. We passed through a security check and up one level and we were on the main departure concourse.

Bangkok Survharnabhumi Departures Level: After Transfer to Secure Side

With some assistance, we found the Thai Royal Orchid Spa. This was our second visit to the spa, but the first visit on the business class side.

The services are made available on a first come first served basis (no advance appointments accepted) and I had no idea how busy the spa was going to be. We decided to get the massage right away, instead of landing at the Royal Orchid Lounge where we might get too comfortable to get up again. 

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa Entrance
I dig the detail on the door handle pulls

Accessing the Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa:

In order to access the Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa at Bangkok Survarnabhumi airport, you need to be departing on a Thai Airways Flight in Royal First (First Class) or Royal Silk (Business Class). If you are a member of Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus Platinum Status Member (over 80,000 status miles per year), you also get complimentary access. Unfortunately, if you are departing on another Star Alliance Carrier or are a member of Star Alliance Gold level, this does not entitle you to access to the spa.

Our access today was courtesy of a Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class ticket on our Bangkok – Dubai flight scheduled for later that afternoon.

Inside the Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa:

On arrival, we appeared to be the only ones in the spa aside from the staff. Thai Airways Royal Silk Passengers are offered a choice of “Neck and Shoulder” and “Foot Massage”, both at 30 minutes in length. First Class Passengers are offered a Touch of Silk Massage (Full Body Oil Massage) or a Royal Thai Massage (Full Body Massage), both at 60 minutes in length.

In order to complete the registration, the usual information form was filled out. We both opted for the thirty minutes neck and shoulders massage. 

We were led to a semi private walled area– I was somewhat expecting a row of boiler room chairs for some reason. MrsWT73 and I were separated for this experience as we enjoyed our 30 minute massages. 

Bright and Cheerful : Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa
A Semi Private Lounge Chair

The neck and shoulders massage was of Thai variety (think lots of stretching without massage oil combined with very strong pressure). I found it very relaxing. The pressure was much stronger than expected for a free massage. Not knowing the protocol, I provided a $5 USD tip but the masseuse seemed a bit embarrassed to accept it. 

After the massage, we enjoyed a lemongrass tea in the lounge afterwards. The Royal Orchid Spa area is air conditioned as it’s in an enclosed space, whereas the Royal Orchid lounge is not since it’s in an open air format with the concourse.

Royal Orchid Spa Tea Area
Seating Area – Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa
Royal Orchid Spa Bar

The usual comment cards were also provided.

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa Comment Cards

We eventually transitioned over to the main Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge at Bangkok Survharnabhumi to spend the rest of our connection time.

The Bottom Line: The Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa – Bangkok:

The Thai Royal Orchid Spa is probably one of the most unique ways in the world to spend a flight connection. I especially like that they perform a full service- a 30 minute neck and shoulders massage or a full 60 minute full body massage. It’s a much more “value add” than the smaller Spa services that Etihad offers in their Six Senses Spa in Abu Dhabi (15 minutes) or Elemis offers in their British Airways First Lounges at JFK New York or Heathrow, London (also 15 minutes).

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