Review: Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class B777-2, Seoul Incheon – Bangkok Survharnabhumi


Thai Airways is one of the more unique carriers to grace the Star Alliance network. It generally has great reward seat availability, a unique in service product that involves elaborate costume changes on the part of it’s flight attendants, and world class transfer services at Bangkok Survharnabhumi airport that include massages for all Business Class and First Class travelers. This flight certainly set the mood for our inbound flight connecting through Bangkok on our way to the United Arab Emirates.

This post is one chapter on our second Round the World trip via Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Poland. This trip was redeemed through Air Canada’s Aeroplan and through Starwood Preferred Guest (Marriott Bonvoy) loyalty programs. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class B777-2 Seoul Incheon – Bangkok Survharnabhumi

“Thai Airways offers one of the most unique flying experiences by offering traditional Thai Hospitality, Thai oriented cuisine on board and the most purple themed aircraft around

Today’s flight was departing from Gate 122 on the Incheon North Satellite terminal. Thai Airways operated a two class service on this route. Incheon’s gate 122 also happened to be an Airbus A380 configured gate with three jet bridges- two of which were attached to our Boeing 777 today. 

Thai Airways International
Royal Silk Business Class
ICN-BKK (Incheon Airport, Seoul – Survarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport, Tokyo)
TG657 – Business Class (I)
9:35 AM – 1:25 PM
April 17, 2014
Booked: Boeing 777-300
Flown: Boeing 777-200ER
Incheon Concourse Terminal – Gate 122
Incheon Terminal One Concourse – Gate 122

Incheon Terminal One Concourse – Passenger Walkways

Soon, it became time to board, and we were treated to a great view of the purple Thai Airways livery as we descended the escalators in order to board our flight. We boarded through the first door at L1 onto the Boeing 777-200 Extended Range aircraft.

On Board Thai Airways Royal Orchid Business Class:

We were welcomed on board with the warm Thai “Swadee-Ka”. We settled into the purple Thai angled lie flat seats that are found on Thai’s Boeing products. The configuration in Thai Airways Business Class Boeing 777-200 ER is a comfortable 2-2-2. Today’s cabin was 12 out of 30 occupied today, making for a comfortable flying experience.

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Business Class B777-2
Thai Airways Royal Orchid B777-2
The Cabin of the Boeing 777-2 on Thai Airways
A View from the Seats with Map Pockets full of Loot

The seats offered multiple seating angles from upright, to angle flat. This was great for relaxing but horrible for sleeping.

Thai Airways Seat Controls and AVOD Remote

The seats featured in Seat Power, with the somewhat awkward hip power port.

EmPower In Seat Power

Pre Departure Service:

While we were at the gate at Incheon, we were offered a pre-departure beverage and scented towel service.

Thai Airways Pre-Departure Beverage and Towel Service

The Amenity Kits: by Porsche Design

Thai Airways has now switched to a very slick and err… “purple” Porsche Design amenity kit. It was stuffed full of items, tooth paste, mouthwash, combs and Bogner branded lip balm and creams along with eye shades. It would be best amenity kit that we would received on this adventure. 

A Thai Airways collared Porsche Design Amenity Kit
Porsche Design Labelling
It was among the better designed kits I’ve received in my travelling lifetime
Stuffed Full of Goodies

Time to Take Off:

Shortly after takeoff, lunch and drink menus were presented. 

Thai Royal Silk Business Class Menu

I generally like Thai Airways menus, as they offer something close to their home country. It’s typically something different than you’d expect on an international carrier.

Thai Airyays Royal Silk Business Menu ICN-BKK

The drink list was also presented. It featured wines exclusively from France: two whites, two reds and one Champagne.

Thai Royal Silk Drink Menu
An exclusively French Wine List

This was followed shortly with a pre-supper drink off the cart. I went with Piper Heidsieck champagne again, which was served along with some almonds. Thai Airways flight attendants have an separate attire for in flight versus the on ground outfit. The Thai Flight Attendants had changed into their in flight attire as they started service.

Pre-Supper Drinks from the Cart
Champagne & a Package of Almonds

The Meal Service: A Four Course Lunch

A full service meal was provided on this flight. I was pretty hungry by this point as we hadn’t eaten much having been shut out of most food in the lounge pre-flight. We started with a Hot Savoury Shrimp Spring Roll.

Hot Savory “Spring Shrimp Roll”

This was followed by First Course Starters: the salmon and black sesame seed, mixed green salad with thousand island dressing.

Salmon and black sesame seed & mixed green salad

The main course was presented. I went with the Stir Fried Prawn with black pepper, sweet bell pepper sauce, steamed thai hom mali rice, and pak choy. This was presented separately after the first course.

Stir Fried Prawn with Black Pepper with sweet bell pepper sauce, steamed thai hom mali rice, and pak choy

To close, this was followed up with assorted cheese cake and fresh fruits. It was served “old school” style from the cart trolley.

Service from the Trolley Cart
Thai Airways Cheese Plate

More gluttony as I had a fourth course consisting of a second dessert of apple crumble cheese cake.

Apple Crumble Cheese Cake

Once service concluded, another towel service was offered. As with most of my Thai flights, the service crew pretty much disappeared after that point. Usually to be found chatting or fiddling with their phones in the galley with the curtains closed. 

Entertainment on Board:

I settled into the Thai Video on Demand, which had a large selection of movies of all kinds.

Thai Airways Advanced Video on Demand

The Second Service: A Sandwich Snack

Shortly before landing, we were offered a second service of finger sandwiches and juice. These were similar to the usual Thai sandwich offerings that you might find on their domestic flights.

Sandwiches and Orange Juice

Landing at Bangkok Survharnabhumi Airport:

Before we knew it, we were over South East Asia an on approach into Bangkok. I always find that the clouds in this humid part of the world are always so unique.

Puffy Clouds in the Tropics
Thai Airways on the Apron at BKK
Bangkok Survharnabhumi Airport

Overall, there wasn’t much to report on for this particular flight. The last time I flew Thai Airways internationally, it was a Thai Royal Silk Business Class Shanghai – Bangkok flight immediately after an Air China Beijing – Shanghai domestic flight. The differences between Air China and Thai was obvious. The service was so much better and attentive on the Thai Airways flight. They had better equipment, more comfortable seats, better food and beverage complimented by a much happier staff. 

After the excellent service that we received on our earlier All Nippon Airways Business Staggered Seattle – Narita, it made this particular Thai flight a little less memorable. The Thai crew wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic, and all though the Thai cultural influences were there, it wasn’t nearly as memorable an experience. Thai Airways still remains a favourite carrier of mine, thanks to their unique service, generally great catering and interesting flying experience.

Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class Impressions:

The Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class offering is always an enjoyable experience. It’s made unique by the memorable outfits, the old school nature of the way that the hospitality and service is presented, and the memorable transfer services in Bangkok that include complimentary massages and world class transfer services. This particular Thai Airways flight didn’t shine as brightly as our recent flights on All Nippon Airways. Despite this, is still a memorable way to spend time travelling and you’ll always be well taken care of while flying Thai Airways.

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