Review: Asiana Business Lounge, Terminal One Concourse, Incheon, South Korea


Asiana Airlines operates a very consistent and reliable product. Our brief stop through Incheon had us experiencing another one of their quality Asiana Business Lounges. The Asiana Business Lounge in the Terminal One Concourse featured many of the same qualities as their Asiana First Class Lounge and Asiana Business Lounge in the main terminal. It was a quiet restful area, prior to the start of our flight.

This post is one chapter on our second Round the World trip via Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Poland. This trip was redeemed through Air Canada’s Aeroplan and through Starwood Preferred Guest (Marriott Bonvoy) loyalty programs. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Asiana Business Lounge, Terminal One Concourse, Incheon Seoul, South Korea

This review is of the Asiana Business Lounge at Incheon Terminal One Concourse. For another lounge at Incheon Terminal One, please see our experience at the Asiana First Class Lounge Incheon Terminal One.

Incheon is regularly advertised as one of the top airport’s in the world. I had been through Incheon on international connections many times. Indeed, it is a easy and pleasant experience. This was my first experience that I have had departing Incheon as a passenger.

Checking into Thai Airways Business Class:

After leaving the Hyatt Regency Incheon, we had an easy, hassle free, check in with Thai Royal Silk Business. Our boarding cards on Thai were issued to BKK and onward to DXB. We were also given a hand written Star Alliance Lounge invitation. 

Thai Airways Incheon Check In
Thai Royal Silk Check In
A Stack of Boarding Cards and Lounge Invitations

As a mega airport, there are flights headed to and from almost everywhere in Asia.

Korean Flight Board

We were directed over to a huge several hundred person long security screening line up. There were no priority queues for business class so we joined the masses. MrsWT73 wasn’t impressed by this, but really there was no other alternative. Thankfully, there were over 10 security screening check point lanes being fed from this one single line and so it moved relativity quickly. My carry on was flagged for additional screening. They unpacked the bags looking for liquids and quickly lost interest in it when they discovered everything was in compliance- allowing me the lovely opportunity to re-pack it.

Security Screening Lines at ICN
Asiana Flight Crews

Locating the Asiana Business Concourse Lounge

After the bag was put back together, we took the train over to the north satellite concourse. The north satellite concourse appeared to be where most non Asiana airline flights departed from, including the newer Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge, Cathay Pacific Lounge and an outpost of the Asiana First and Business Lounge. The main terminal building holds the main Asiana First and Business Lounges that grace the trip report pages here most often. 

The Asiana Lounge is found up the escalator immediately after the subway train, on the upper level.

Asiana Business Concourse Lounge
Incheon Concourse Retail Zone
Asiana Business Lounge Concourse Access Point

Accessing The Asiana Business Lounge:

The Asiana Business Lounge is designed as the departure lounge for all Asiana Airlines passengers in addition to Star Alliance Business Class travellers. Access is provided for

Asiana Airlines /Star Alliance members departing on regular flights:

  • Business Class passengers
  • Economy Class Asiana Club Diamond Plus members (with 24 month membership) plus one guest
  • Asiana Club Diamond members plus one guest
  • Star Alliance Gold members plus one guest

Departing on Asiana Airlines operated flights : 

  • Economy Smartium passengers taking an Asiana Airlines A350 long-distance flight (to the U.S., Europe or Australia)
  • Priority Pass Card holder on Asiana Airlines/Star Alliance Member carrier operated flight(please direct any inquiries regarding entry requirements and costs to the card issuer.) 
    • Check conditions of lounge use based on mileage 

Today’s access was granted courtesy of an Thai Airwys Business Class ticket.

Asiana Lounge Entrance
Asiana Lounge Reception

Inside The Asiana Business Lounge Concourse:

The Asiana Business Lounge was a similar copy in appearance to the Asiana lounges in the main concourse, less the beautiful open air windows and feel of the main lounges. It included the traditional black centerpiece Young Chang piano. 

Asiana Business Lounge Concourse
The Asiana Grand Piano
Asiana Business Lounge Library

The one entertaining part about this place was that all the books that covered the walls were plastic model varieties and hollow. Aside from that comedic observation, the place was pretty deserted on our visit through. There were heaps of places to sit as you had your pick of seating.

An abidance of places to sit in colourful loungers
Just like grandma’s house: Don’t touch anything
Lots of Chairs Available
Semi Private Seating Areas

Overall, the experience was sort of like hanging out in your grandma’s house. It had an older décor with many things not working or broken but that no one seemed interested in fixing. 

In addition to the lounge area, there was also a small office area, and working printer. I actually used the facility to print some email confirmations of our Burj Al Arab reservations. 

A Small Industrial Computer Work Station Area

Food and Beverage:

Our visit was at 8 AM or what one would normally consider breakfast time. At this hour, the coffee machine was broken. Scrambled eggs were out when we arrived, but once they ran out – there were no more to be had until 930 AM. I read this sign and understood breakfast to be between these hours, not 7:30 AM AND 9:30 AM. I asked about this and was informed that I had missed out and would have to wait until 9:30 AM. Seriously? This would be how you’re treating your supposed best passengers? (Okay, as a points redeemer instead. They are still hard earned miles!) 

Breakfast at Set Times
Coffee Machine “Out of Order”

As a result, I had a toasted cheese sandwich. Fortunately, there were some other salads available, along with some noodles.

Korean Fresh Salad Breakfast
Baked Breads for Breakfast
Organized Korean Tea Tray

Fortunately, the bar was open. The morning features offered a few hard whiskies, some limited wine, and cold beer.

Morning Bar Service for Eye Opener Beverages
Beer Instructions

The Bottom Line: The Asiana Lounge

Sometimes lounges are memorable and make for a great experience. Unfortunately, this was not one of them. Not because of anything bad, but aside from the lovely piano and the library feel, there wasn’t much to this place that made it feel different than any other lounge. The meal service coming out at set times was downright odd and a bit difficult to organize into your day if you already have an early morning departure like we did. We didn’t stay too long here and opted for the more pleasant terminal and a leisurely walk to the gate.

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