Review: Star Alliance Business Class Lounge, Tom Bradley International Terminal, Los Angeles, USA

Review: Star Alliance Business Class Lounge, Tom Bradley International Terminal, Los Angeles, USA

I was up the next day at 6 AM thanks to the jet lag. Having an international boarding card in business class, I’d have a choice of several lounges this morning so I thought I’d get up to the terminal instead of waiting around a somewhat dreary hotel. I left the hotel at about 8 AM and drove the 7 minutes up the street to the Hertz car return lot. I hopped the rental car bus and got dropped off by the Tom Bradley International Terminal. It was the usual congested mess outside the concourses.

I tried to use the secret connections security screening off the arrivals hall but actually got turned away by a dragon guarding the entrance there. I was directed back upstairs. In another gaffe, despite having TSA Pre-Check on my ex-MUC Lufthansa boarding card, it didn’t carry over to my Air Canada boarding pass, despite being on the same ticket and Air Canada being a Pre-Check participant. I didn’t bother making inquiries with an AC representative, which was probably back in Terminal 6; a ways out of the way. The TSA Pre-Check agent sent me over to the regular line so I queued in probably the worst security screening line LAX has to offer.

Accessing the Lounge:

Once on the secure side, I made an attempt to get into the Star Alliance First Class lounge with my arriving First Class boarding card but was flat out denied. This was unlike at the LH First Class Terminal or the BA Concorde Room where access is allowed on a same day arriving First Class boarding card). Aww. Access was ultimately granted thanks to a departing flight on Air Canada Business class (class of service).

The Star Alliance Business Lounge:

The world has apparently located the Tom Bradley International Star Alliance Business Lounge. It was much fuller than I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience. I got the sense from the number of bags on chairs, that many asian families were travelling together and many were not actually in the lounge, but wandering around the terminal while one family member stayed behind.

The terrace is still a popular place. I was able to get a seat out here with a bowl of noodles with sparkling wine and set up for a short visit under the time tower.

In Summary:

It’s still a reasonable space. Unfortunately, either the world has found it or it’s just a lot busier than I remember when it first opened. It’s a solid lounge but not the best of the best anymore.

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