World Traveller 73


Its never fun or exciting when scheduled flights plans go wrong. Our returning flight back to North America sustained a lengthy delay that left us in Lima for an extra day. This post is one chapter in our trip to Peru and Chile via Air Canada Executive First (Business Class). This trip was booked using Air Canada e-upgrades to upgrade into Air Canada International Executive First class. For more information on how… Read More

Review: The Pearl Lounge, Marrakech International Airport, Marrakech, Morocco I had heard lots of horror stories about the Marrakesh airport. Most of the reports online recommended arriving at least 3 hours in advance of the flight. The issue appeared to be long queues and bureaucratic checks. At about T-180, we departed the hotel. A taxi was only 70 Moroccan Dirhams and we were dropped off in less than 10 minutes. The Le… Read More

Review: Pearl Lounge, Arrivals Hall, Marrakech, Morocco We entered the building and walked towards immigration. There is a strange arrivals lounge available to Priority Pass members called the Pearl Lounge so I thought we could go check it out for interest’s sake. Accessing the Lounge: It’s located immediately before immigration. We located the reception. Access today was granted courtesy of Priority Pass. The receptionist couldn’t get the Priority Pass electronic card reader… Read More

Review: Skyteam International Lounge, Vancouver International Airport, Vancouver, Canada. I got off work at around 3PM and made it home to pack up the house. I had a late-night the night before getting everything done at work and was relieved to have left the office early. I drove up to YVR and met MrsWT73 whom had just finished work. We parked at her aerospace employer parking lot and walked up to the… Read More

This post is one chapter on our trip to Park City, Utah, United States on Alaska Airlines. This trip was booked and credited to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan using a two for one Companion Fare courtesy of the Alaska Airlines credit card. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index. If you enjoyed this post,… Read More

Review: VIP Lounge, Los Cabos International Airport, San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico We left the hotel and the VW Vento was loaded up. We drove the 25 minutes up to the airport and filled the vehicle up at the airport gas station. Once at Hertz, there was a very thorough check of the condition of the car (including the spare tire) prior to being presented to the check-out cashier. All was in… Read More

It was another 3 AM wake up with a 10 minute snooze this morning. I had the house all to myself today as MrsWT73 went down to Atlanta with her work colleagues a day earlier. I left the house at 3:45 AM and took a quick spin through the local 24 hour McD drive through for an Egg McMuffin prior to hitting Highway 99 for a 30 minute drive up to Vancouver… Read More