World Traveller 73


I got up very early around the 3:30 AM mark so that I could drive the 25 minutes to rental car center at the Atlanta airport. I had filled up the car to 2/8 full the day before. I didn’t find to many gas stations around the airport on google maps so I had pre-filled the vehicle. I dropped the car at the Hertz e-return. “Leave keys and go” as it said…. Read More

At about T-30, I headed right to the gate next door to the lounge for my last flight of the day. Boarding was pretty congested, and there were at least 10 on the upgrade list waiting for a seat in the small business class cabin. United AirlinesMesa Airlines DBA United ExpressUA 6237 – First Class (P)IAH – ATL (George Bush International Airport – Hartsfield Jackson ATL International Airport)April 9, 20197:55 PM –… Read More