Review: Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge, Guam, USA


There are limited lounge options when departing from the US Territory of Guam. With an early morning departure, I had the opportunity to visit the Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge in the departures concourse of the Guam International Airport. The Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge is the priority pass independent lounge offering. While you won’t be blown away by this particular space, it did offer a friendly environment to hang out in as an alternative to an industrial airport space.

This post is one chapter on our trip on the United Island Hopper and to Oahu & Kauai, Hawaii, United States. This trip was redeemed through Alaska Mileage Plan, United Airlines Mileage Plus and Marriott Bonvoy. It was further enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge, Guam Antonio B Won Pat International Airport, Guam, United States of America.

I loaded up the car at the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort and headed to the airport at about 5:45 AM. Since I hadn’t left the property during my time in Guam, I took a drive through the water front area along Pale San Vitores Road near Tumon Bay. Unfortunately, I didn’t see too much other than darkness and tall white hotel skyscrapers. There weren’t any fabulous beach views worth stopping to take a look at.

Departing the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort

I bought replacement gas for the rental at a Mobil for $4.14 a gallon for regular and headed towards the airport. I had some bad luck getting to the airport in hoping for a coffee shop along the way. In my short time on the island, there were stacks of advertisements for unhealthy food (KFC, McDonalds) that never materialized on my drive when I needed them the most.

I checked the car in at the roving Hertz agent and proceeded inside where my contract was closed out. I had only logged 10 miles on the car, but the $40 USD rental was apparently cheaper than two taxi rides and I at least had some freedom, if I had wanted it.

The Peace Flame for the Asia Pacific Games

I headed upstairs where the United desks were quite busy checking everyone in. Aside from a stir fry place, there didn’t seem to be many food and beverage outlets on the public side of the Guam airport. I was headed on United Airlines Guam – Honolulu today, which was their first Honolulu bound flight of the day.

United Airlines Check in at Guam Agana Airport
United Airlines Premier Access Check In
United Airlines Premier Access

There was no TSA Pre-Check for me on the boarding card today for some reason. As a result, I ended up queuing at security with a bunch of other holiday travelers that seemed really lost at the process. Once I was already committed into the line, I spotted a business class priority line at the other end of the maze near the TSA-PreCheck. Given that there were only about 7 ahead of me in the security line, I chose to stay put.

Once on the secure side, we were immediately dropped into an Asian duty free showcase. There was a particular Guam Cultural Center which turned out to be more of a souvenir shop with articles made likely in China than a center without any real cultural value.

Guam Duty Free Zone for those Headed to Asia
Checking Out the Guam Cultural Center

As a result of it’s age, the Guam International Airport concourse is a pretty dated space. You won’t find a concourse with great day light views, inspiring art or other great features. This means that the lounge is likely the better place to relax before your flight.


Locating the Sagan Bisita Lounge:

United Airlines operates a United Club in Guam that started out life as a Continental Airlines President’s Club when the Island Hopper was run by Continental Airlines.

Since I missed the opportunity to book United Airlines business class reward space, and my ticket was not likely considered an international ticket, I didn’t have access to the United Club Guam.

By note having access to the United Club Guam, this left me with the opportunity to access the only other lounge in Guam, the Sagan Bisita Lounge. The Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge is located on the secure side of the Guam airport terminal. The Sagan Bisita Lounge was located immediately opposite Gate 7 on the long concourse of Guam airport.

Locating the Sagan Bista VIP Lounge
Map Courtesy of Japan Airlines

The Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge has a pretty non flashy entrance on the outside. You’d likely miss it unless you saw all the Asian credit card banners outside the lounge.

The Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge Entry

Accessing the Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge:

Access to the lounge today was granted by Priority Pass Select which came with my American Express Platinum Card.

The lounge is also the contract lounge for almost every other carrier at Guam Antonio B Won Pat International Airport. At the time of our visit, this included Japan Airlines International, China Airlines, Eva Air, Korean and Philippines Airlines. Delta Airlines has also used this space for it’s occasional departures from Guam.

Inside the Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge:

After I was scanned in, the lounge host indicated that they were just in the process of packing up the food. This was a bit surprising since it was only 6:30 AM, but I guess there must not be many flights after the United Airlines Honolulu – Guam flight I was scheduled to be on.

The posted business hours are 12 AM to 10 AM. They offered to keep the food open for me while I loaded up the plate. They had the usual ham and cheese sandwiches but not much on offer. Wine and alcohol was being served at this hour although there weren’t many takers being 6:30 AM in the morning. The staff, like most other Guam residents that I had come into contact with, were warm and welcoming.

Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge
Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge

The Sagain Bisita VIP Lounge had a separate area reserved for Japan Airlines travellers, although it was completely closed on our visit.

The Sagan Bisita Lounge was a bit of a dated, but a hospitable space. I didn’t end up staying all too long as the flight looked as though it was getting ready to board. I had a quick download off wifi and headed off to the gate to depart on my United Airlines Guam – Honolulu flight.

The Bottom Line: The Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge

The lounge itself wasn’t too exciting; just a place to collect some average snacks, perhaps have a cheap drink and hang out somewhere other than a crowded airport bench. Still, the space may be your only option when flying out of Guam Agana airport so it may find it’s way into your travels in some way.

If you have visited the Sagan Bisita VIP Lounge, do you prefer it from the United Club Guam ?

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