Review: The Moxy London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom


Our travels had us requiring a brief night at the London Heathrow International Airport after a five day stay in London. We had an early departure the next morning so we were looking for something convenient with easy access to and from the rental car facility at Heathrow International Airport. We ended up at the Moxy London Heathrow Airport for a quick stay in a modern environment. How did the Moxy London Heathrow measure up ?

This post is one chapter on our trip to Portugal, the United Kingdom (England and Norther Ireland) and Ireland. This trip was redeemed through American Airlines Advantage and enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: The Moxy London Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, United Kingdom

After our Day visiting Stonehenge, and filling up the car, we headed for the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel. I thought it was easier (and cheaper) to stay at one of the London airport hotels instead of back in Metropolitan London, or spending another night at the Residence Inn by Marriott London Kensington. As a result, we headed to Moxy London Heathrow for an airport hotel stay prior to our Aer Lingus London – Dublin flight.

Booking the Moxy London Heathrow Airport:

The Moxy London Heathrow Airport is typically among the cheaper London Heathrow Airport hotels. It is positioned as a discount offering below the familiar full service business hotels that include the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel, the Sheraton Skyline London Heathrow, the Renaissance London Heathrow Airport hotel. At this hotel category, there is also a Courtyard London Heathrow Airport hotel which is probably it’s closest comparison.

The Moxy London Heathrow International Airport is among the farthest away from the London Heathrow Airport. As a result, it is often softer on rates here than in other hotels that are nearby. We booked a paid cash rate of 50 £ ($65 USD) a night. I found this to be a steal for an airport hotel, I couldn’t help the great rate.

Under the Marriott Bonvoy rewards program, the offers rooms starting at 15,000 points per stay. I value Marriott Bonvoy points at about 0.005 cents a point so I would only recommend redeeming points for this property if the rate were above $75 USD per night. In most cases, with a little pre-planning, you’ll likely be able to find room rates under this price point at this particular location.

Getting to the Moxy London Heathrow:

The Moxy London Heathrow is located on Bath Road in Hounslow near Terminal Two and Three of the London Heathrow International Airport. It’s among the furthest away from the airport itself.

We arrived to the property driving a Hertz Rental Car and found it really easy to locate. We self parked at the rear of the property. Parking was payable separately through a stand alone machine located on the lot that accepted credit cards. Self Parking was into any available spot and spots were not assigned by stall number, meaning that you would have in and out privileges if you were driving to and from this property.

Self Parking Our Rental at the Moxy London Heathrow Airport Hotel
The Moxy London Heathrow Airport Hotel Entry
The Moxy London Hotel Camper Sleeper

Getting to and from the airport / city:

There was a sign near the main elevator bank that highlighted the methods of getting to the airport. The Moxy London Heathrow Airport property does not offer a complimentary airport shuttle, despite being an airport property. This is probably the largest disadvantage to this property, for those looking for an easy and convenience airport stay.

How to Get to the London Heathrow Airport from the Moxy London Heathrow Airport
How to Get to the London City Centre from the Moxy London Heathrow Airport

Checking Into the Moxy London Heathrow:

After arriving to the hotel, we headed over to locate the check in desk at the bar. We were checked in by a hipster millennial and assigned our room. We took the elevator up to the room and found our way down to our assigned area for the night. While there are no suites at this property, our Marriott Bonvoy Titanium status got us a quieter room facing the street on a high floor.

Moxy London Airport Hotel Decor
Check In Area at the London Moxy Heathrow Airport
A Magically Activated Lift

Our room was off in the corner, and it was several turns and twists before we got to the room. The hotel was designed in a “U” Shaped design with some rooms quite a ways away from the elevator.

The Layout of the London Moxy International Airport

The Room: Moxy Double Sleeper, Guest Room, 2 Single Beds

I had booked a Moxy Double Sleeper Guest room since I was travelling with my son. The Moxy Hotel rooms at the Moxy London Heathrow Airport are generally pretty compact and tiny. I would almost describe them as “child like” rooms. Having said that, the property was new and fresh. The newer and fresh feel was something unique to the London Heathrow airport hotels, since many of them are quite worn with substantial turnover and traffic through them.

A Moxy Double Sleeper Room
A Moxy Double Sleeper Room

The room featured two single beds pushed together in modern themed amenities. The room was fairly dark themed, which wasn’t an issue considering we were just there to sleep.

The room offered a small flat screen television, with a small shelf for the charging of devices. The room did not feature a desk for working, something that is usually standard in a hotel room.

A Moxy Double Sleeper Room – Flat Screen Television
A Moxy Double Sleeper Room – Flat Screen Television and charging Shelf

The bathroom was on the smaller side but it had everything that a bathroom needs. The toiletries were “Muk” branded, a unique brand that I’d never seen before.

A Single Vanity Sink & Stand Up Shower
Muk Branded Toiletries
Modern Artwork Decorated the Room

The next morning, we were able to check out the view from the room. It wasn’t too inspiring, but it was better than looking immediately into another building.

A Room with a View

Around the Property:

The Moxy Bar

The Moxy Bar offers a variety of communal lounge spaces. The design of the hotel has made for a larger amount of gathering spaces, encouraging social connectivity as a result of a smaller than average room foot print. As a result, the shared spaces were actually quite impressive for an airport hotel.

The Moxy Bar – Lounge Seating Spaces
The Moxy Bar – Internet Computers
The Moxy Bar – An Original Mini Cooper in the Moxy Bar
The Moxy Bar – Lounge Seating Spaces & a Jenga Set

The Moxy London Heathrow Airport offers a $10 USD per person credit for breakfast for it’s Marriott Bonvoy Platinum + Titanium level members. The credit was converted at this property into 7 £. Of course, the breakfast was strategically priced at 10 £ so we ended up paying a little extra for a full breakfast. It was a bit cheap on Marriott’s part but at the same time, we weren’t paying much on the room rate. Breakfast was in a pleasant modern space called the Moxy Bar that was more interesting than my last Aloft breakfast experience…

The Moxy Bar – Breakfast Seating Spaces

The breakfast buffet was fairly straightforward. There was a selection of pastries, the usual orange and apple juices, drip coffee along with yoghurt and some tinned fruits served in large bowls.

There was also a lobby bar off the breakfast area. It was deserted in the morning, but it looked like it might have some potential with the right group of friends.

The Moxy Bar – Lounge Seating Spaces
The Moxy Bar – Breakfast Lounge Seating
The Moxy Bar – Breakfast Lounge Seating

There isn’t too much around the property in terms of restaurants. There is a Tesco Express immediately next to the hotel, although we didn’t get the opportunity or need to use it.

When it came time to leave, the check out was handled without any surprises. There were no issues and our Marriott Bonvoy points and elite qualifying nights posted without any issues. We returned our rental car and headed off on our flight on Aer Lingus London – Dublin.

The Bottom Line: The Moxy London Heathrow Airport

The Moxy London Heathrow Airport was a reasonable spot for the night. It wasn’t much more than a crash pad that was really well priced. I might not be so enthusiastic if I didn’t have my own way in the form of a rental car to and from the property as you’d pretty much be stuck here without any private transport. At the very least, the property is new and crisp and you’ll be getting a newer room when you stay here.

If you have stayed at London Heathrow Airport Hotels, do you have a favourite over all others ?

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