The Lisbon Cathedral and Tasting Iberico Ham at the Time Out Market Lisbon, Portugal


Our last day in Lisbon had us catching up on all our leftover sights that we hadn’t captured on our first three days. With no set agenda in mind, we headed out to see the best of what was left, including some terrific tapas throughout the city. We would be reminded if the terrific food city that Lisbon has become as we discovered many great eating opportunities throughout our day.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Portugal, the United Kingdom (England and Norther Ireland) and Ireland. This trip was redeemed through American Airlines Advantage and enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Activity City Visit: The Lisbon Cathedral and Tasting Iberico Ham at the Time Out Market, Lisbon, Portugal.

We had an easy wake up today from the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa and being our last day in Lisboa, we tied off a few loose ends of sights and attractions that we hadn’t seen before.

Visiting the Lisbon Cathedral:

We headed down to Baiza Cha by metro and headed over to take in the church that we had passed by on Tram 28E. Inside it was beautiful along with some terrific stain glass windows.


Tapas at Memmo AF:

My sister, who had previously visited Lisbon on her traveling days, had recommended getting a drink at Memmo AF. It turned out to be a great location with a fantastic view. Little was I aware, that it was also a Design Hotel affiliated with the Marriott brand. It turned out I left my Marriott Bonvoy American Express credit card in the hotel room of all things. It was a great spot with a beautiful roof top bar. We had views of cruise ships as we enjoyed tapas.

WT73jr unusually took to his foodie self and located a Portuguese tapas on the menu that he wanted to try (Peixinhos da Horta com nosh aioli). With that, we had some breaded green beans with aioli sauce. It was a good introduction to tapas in Lisboa.

Continuing on with the food theme, based on a recommendation of one of my colleagues, we then walked down about 15 minutes to the Time Out Lisboa market.


Iberico Ham at Time Out Market Lisbon:

Time Out Market Lisbon is essentially the largest open air food stall market in Lisboa. It was well worth a visit and every type of food was imaginable.

It was absolutely packed with travellers and families. It was difficult, but not impossible, to get a seat. When we did, I went to locate a Pepsi for Jr and a glass of wine for myself. I then was able to locate food stall “Mangerita Silva”. I ordered some Iberico Ham served with hard cheese with crusty bread.

With a 17 € Mista Pata Negra order… Ohh the Ham – OMG the best ever… It was melt in your mouth good. Someone else thought so too… taking a rare photos of it. It obviously rated as cool.


Last call: Visiting the Church of São Roque:

From there, we walked up hill towards the top of barrio. We went to the very plain outside church. The inside was covered in leafed gold; which impressed WT73Jr. There were some sinister or idyllic mosaics and sculptures amongst the sides of the church; depending on your perception.

Leaving the church, we headed back town to the center of Baixa for our last tour around downtown Lisboa. It was super hot and I had a lemon sorbet ice cream before we left.

A few last bits of window shopping, including some guitars that pique’d WT73jr’s interest. He is a guitar player in jazz band back home…

We headed back up to the hotel where we went to the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa Executive Lounge. We refilled on about 3 bottles of fuzzy soft drinks each thanks to the dehydration of the heat. We opted for an early light dinner for some take away Japanese food from around the corner from the hotel.

My Thoughts on Lisbon as a Stopover:

Our three and a half day stopover in Lisboa was absolutely terrific adventure. I can see why this city has high marks for a weekend stay. There is a lot to see here, a city that has a great personality, terrific food and attractions and great weather to take in. It’s highly recommended and I am looking for an opportunity to come back with MrsWT73 in the future.

If you’ve visited Lisbon Portugal, how long did you stay on your stopover ?

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