Review: Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa, Lisbon, Portugal


For my stay in Lisbon Portugal, I was looking for a property that was going to be easy on a family stay, that was reasonably located to the airport and the attractions in town, and that offered value in terms of Marriott Bonvoy loyalty benefits. The Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa offered all that. Despite being a business traveller hotel, it was a perfect fit for our four day stay in Lisbon, Portugal.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Portugal, the United Kingdom (England and Norther Ireland) and Ireland. This trip was redeemed through American Airlines Advantage and enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa, Lisbon, Portugal

We had a four day stay in Lisbon, Portugal and we stayed at the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa for this trip. We found this hotel to be a very convenient base of operations for our stay. A Sheraton is never my first choice when it comes to the Marriott Bonvoy hotel portfolio but we were pleasantly surprised with this property. While it was not within immediate walking distance of the tourist attractions, it was easy to get around and had lots of elite inclusions.

We would easily return to this property if we were given the opportunity.

Booking the Hotel:

I picked this hotel as it was the best option for those travelling as a family group. It had easy access to the Lisbon Metro Subway line for sightseeing. As a Marriott Bonvoy Titanium level member, we would have access to the hotel lounge for snacks. This was a great feature as I was travelling with a teenager on this trip. Also as a Marriott Bonvoy Titanium level member, we would also have access to an included breakfast as a welcome amenity; another great feature for those travelling with a hungry teenager.

The Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa is a Marriott Bonvoy Category 5, meaning that rooms are approximately between 30,000 – 40,000 Marriott Bonvoy points a night under variable pricing, with 35,000 points a night typically considered as standard. It’s worth noting that this hotel appears to get some business traffic to it; suggesting that rates may be higher on weeknights and less on weekends.

If you value Marriott Bonvoy points at $0.005 a point, you’d have to spend more than $175 USD to come out ahead for an average 35,000 point redemption. In the summer on a weeknight, a redemption might represent a better value when the room rates climb beyond 250 € a night. However, if you’re visiting in the off season, you’re much better paying cash. As a result, we ended up paying cash for our visit.

Getting to the Sheraton Lisboa:

After arriving off of TAP Portugal Business Class Toronto – Lisbon, we took the metro from the Lisbon Humberto Delgado Aeroporto to the Salamanda Metro station. From there, we walked with our rolling suitcases the three blocks on a slight downhill grade to the hotel over tiled sidewalks. Using Google offline maps, it was easy to find the hotel. Unless I was travelling with a lot of luggage, or travelling at off hours, I would easily take the subway again to the hotel from the airport.

The hotel has all the personality of an office drone building out of the Matrix movie series. It’s well situated for some, right across from the local KPMG office. As a result, I would suspect the hotel gets a fair amount of business traffic based on this, and based on some of the other business guests that I saw in the property during our stay.

The Imposing Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa
The Front Door of the Sheraton Lisboa

Once inside the hotel, it was a pleasant lobby with the usual Sheraton brown carpeting. Fresh flowers were on display in the lobby, which was a nice touch that I don’t usually see in a Sheraton property.

The Lobby and Reception of the Sheraton Lisbon
Fresh Flowers Marked the Lobby

Immediately in the lobby, there was a lobby bar that was attached to the hotel restaurant in a large open space that was a little dark.

The Sheraton Lisbon Lobby Bar

It was a bit of slow check in as they manually typed our passport information into the computer. We selected breakfast as the Marriott Bonvoy Elite Titanium welcome amenity. We were also offered breakfast in the lounge but we ended up opting for the restaurant option to be served in the Lobby Bistro Restaurant.

We were also lucky that our room was available at 12:30 PM. As a result we were able to get settled right away after that overnight flight from North America.


The Room: A Club Level Room

Club, Club lounge access, Guest room, 2 Twin/Single Bed(s), Skyline view, High floor

Courtesy of Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Level status, we received a higher floor soft upgrade to a “Club Level” room on the 22nd floor out of a 25 floor building. I was travelling with my son and wasn’t really expecting or hoping for any wonderful suite upgrades. While I would have appreciated it, I would have preferred a two double bed configuration and most suites have 1 single bed, which would have meant sharing a bed with a trashing around teenager.

A Sheraton Club Level 2 Twin Bed Configuration
A Sheraton Club Level 2 Twin Bed Configuration

While the room was on the smaller side, I didn’t find it too bad for travelling with a teenager. WT73Jr happened to flop himself on the bed in order to relax, leaving me the accent chair or the desk as a space to hang out. If I was travelling with my spouse or another adult, I might find the room size a little snug for our needs.

A Comfortable Accent Chair
A Small Counter Top for charging devices
A Small Desk for One

During our stay, the hotel participated in Make a Green Choice. Although admittedly, not many points are earned through that channel anymore.

The room itself was perfectly adequate. In terms of sleep quality, the room was quite and we didn’t hear any other noise that interrupted our sleep during our stay.

Around the Property:

The Sheraton Club Lounge:

Throughout the visit, we regularly visited the Sheraton Club lounge. The Club Lounge was located on the 24th floor. Access was through a key card at the door. There was no reception check in during on our stay.

The Sheraton Lounge was offering breakfast between 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM and evening happy hour and snacks between the hours of 5:00 PM and 7 PM during our visit. During evening happy hour, the hotel offered red and white wine but no spirits or hard liquor.

The Comfortable Sheraton Club Lounge
The Sheraton Club Lounge

There was nothing greater than having access to a club lounge when it was the middle of summer at a temperature of thirty degrees Celcius outside and 300 ml bottles of Coca Cola were 3 € each on high street.

I was able to set WT73jr up here after a day of sightseeing and he would happily enjoy two or three Coca Cola’s of them along with happy hour snacks. Dad gets the house wine, WT73Jr gets sugary pops. It was a perfect combination and it made life a lot easier in Europe where the drink quantities are often a lot smaller than they are in North America.

WT73Jr Enjoying the Wifi in the Sheraton Club Lounge

The lounge had pretty good views thanks’ to it’s high floor. At least it meant spending time up there pleasant.

Views of Lisboa from the Sheraton Club Lounge

While it wasn’t the best Sheraton Lounge that I’ve ever been in, having access to a lounge when travelling with a teenager is a great way to save a little on the pocket book when travelling in Europe.

The Lobby Bistro:

The hotel offered a full breakfast every morning in the Lobby Bistro Restaurant. The breakfast offered a buffet with Nespresso and an egg station for a la carte eggs. The breakfast was offered on a full complimentary basis for Marriott Bonvoy Platinum’s and higher level loyalty members. There was enough there to keep myself and WT73Jr fully fed every morning.

The Lobby Bistro Restaurant

The breakfast there was fullsome and as expected for a large inner city Sheraton. The cold cuts were pleasant and there were enough items there to keep us fully charged for the day ahead.

The Outdoor Pool:

The pool at the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Spa was a popular area. I wasn’t expecting all too much from a pool at a Sheraton hotel but it was better than I anticipated. In terms of style, It wasn’t all to modern and special but it fit the trick. Despite being a walled area surrounded by neighbouring towers, it had sunshine exposure all the way to 7 PM on our visit and had quite a few tanned clients attending.

The Outdoor Pool at the Sheraton Lisboa

The access to the pool was through the hotel spa. I didn’t see anyone actually using the spa during our trip but it was there and available if needed.


The Bottom Line: The Sheraton Lisboa

The best way that I can describe this property is that it is a great value for elites. The property offered full breakfast in the restaurant downstairs as a platinum benefit (or in the lounge), a Sheraton Club on the 24th floor that offered beverages and other snacks along with a high floor upgrade. Along with a super convenient location, that is reasonably close to town, I would easily stay here again under similar circumstances.

If you have stayed at the Sheraton Lisboa, did you find it convenient for your stay needs in Lisbon, Portugal ?

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