Review: The Hotel Taura’a, Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile


Hanga Roa on Rapa Nui, Chile doesn’t have a whole lot of selection in terms of places to stay. Accomodation can be limited thanks to high travel demand, and the sheer isolation of this island away from the mainland of Chile. For our five day stay in Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile, we aimed for a convenient location very close to the main areas of Hanga Roa. We ended up at the wonderful Hotel Taura’a for a five day stay that was very conveniently located for all our sightseeing needs.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Mexico City, Mexico and Easter Island, Chile. This trip was enhanced through Alaska Mileage Plan and through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: The Hotel Taura’a, Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile.

Booking the Hotel Taura’a:

There aren’t any major chain hotels on Easter Island. The whole place is like Hawaii of the 1940’s; not developed and wholly peaceful. I also understand that there is a special Chilean Government rule that indicates that only local Rapa Nui can own property on Easter Island.

I ended up checking with Trip Advisor and the Lonely Planet guidebook and ended up with the Taura’a Hotel booked through Expedia. Their hotel website was quite dated and didn’t allow booking direct. As a result, we booked through Expedia. The property had excellent reviews and warm hospitality. I considered the luxury Explora property but decided against it due to its price ($700 USD per night) and the fact that it was well removed from the main town of Hanga Roa. I was looking to get a more grass roots connected feel to the area, and being out of town at the Explora wouldn’t really accomplish this goal.

Getting to the Taura’a Hotel:

We were picked up by who I initially thought was the owner of the property in an older van. Free airport transfers seem to be included in most of the accommodation stays on Easter Island. I laughed a bit as I dragged my Tumi through the mud parking lot thanks to the recent thundershowers. We had a very short 4 minute drive over to the Tauraa hotel.

The Taura’a hotel is well situated right off one of the main streets in Hanga Roa.

Arriving to the Hotel Taura’a

On arrival, we met the owners Bill Howe, an Australian, and his Rapanui wife, Edith Pakarati. Both were exceptionally hospitable and engaging to talk to.

Climbing Up to Reception
Themed Miniature Moai Statutes mark the Grounds
The Pathway to Reception

The property shows much better than in the photos. It was exceptionally clean and well maintained. The twenty rooms were surrounded by a landscaped yard that was in great condition.


The Room: A Standard King Size Bed

We were led to the room in the lower annex and provided a welcome drink. The property is split across the roadway, which isn’t busy by any means. As we settled into the room, Edith came over to introduce herself and explain the property. She was very friendly and chatty. The room overlooked a local garden and contained a communal deck area outside the front door.

The Deck Outside our Room
Views Overlooking the Hotel Gardens
A Nicely Landscaped Garden
Colorful Local Flowers
A Welcome Drink was Waiting for us at the Room

The room showed very well and it was a comfortable environment. The furnishings were basic but it was more than comfortable for a 5 night stay considering it wasn’t franchised or otherwise part of a chain. The mattresses were much better than what I was expecting and we had a very comfortable sleep for a local hotel.

A Standard at the Hotel Taura’a
A Very Comfortable King Size Bed
A Clean Single Vanity Bathroom

The room also featured a refrigerator, which was handy for MrsWT73’s Casillero del Diablo wine stock ups. The room also offered a kettle with instant coffee and a stand up shower bathroom.

A Fridge for Wine Stock Ups along with a Kettle

One thing worth mentioning is that the property, along with many others on Easter Island, doesn’t offer included soap, shampoo or conditioner with the room. I had run out about halfway through the trip and had to rely on the overnight miniatures that are usually in my overnight take away toiletries case from the business circuit back home. Make sure you pack what you need, unless you plan on buying some that has been freighted from the mainland. It is also worth mentioning that the hotel does not offer air conditioning. At the time of our stay, this was not an issue. In the warmer months, it could get quite warm with the humidity on the island.


The Bottom Line: The Hotel Taura’a

Ultimately, we were very happy with this choice and I’d recommend this property as a place to stay in Hanga Roa. Bill and Edith also offer island tours, although we didn’t end up booking with them in the end. The property was really comfortable for a rustic adventure and the location which is very walkable to town couldn’t really be beat. While it isn’t a super deluxe property, it’s in a solid 3+ star range and I would return here without hesitation.

If you visited Easter Island, did you value being situated close to Hanga Roa ?

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