Review: United Club – Los Angeles Terminal Seven, United States


While I hadn’t previously come to expect too much from a United Club, the airline has been on a modernization campaign worldwide. Over the past several years, United Airlines has improved, expanded and updated many of it’s lounges in North America. United operates a pacific hub in Los Angeles and had recently relocated and expanded it’s United Club. We would get to experience a five hour extended layover of which we had the opportunity to fully test out it’s features.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Fiji, New Zealand and French Polynesia. This trip was redeemed through Alaska Mileage Plan and AAdvantage frequent flier programs and enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: United Club Los Angeles – Terminal Seven, Los Angeles International Airport, United States of America.

Since there were no good connection options with reward seats available on One World from Tahiti to Vancouver, Canada, we had a nine hour connecting layover in Los Angeles. I thought about ending our award ticket in Los Angeles and paying for a seat to Vancouver on Air Canada or United, but the business class fares were over $500 each. I guess we’ll stick with finding that free award segment.

How we Ended Up at the United Club coming off Air Tahiti Nui:

We ended up having a 9 hour layover arriving on Air Tahiti Nui Poerava Business Class Papeete – Los Angeles at 11 AM and departing in the early evening at 8 PM American Airlines First Class Los Angeles – Vancouver on the last American Airlines flight of the day. After spending the day in the sun, and the muggy and rainy transit on Air Tahiti Bora Bora -Papeete, we were both busting for a shower on arrival in Los Angeles.

We tried and failed to get into the Admirals Club Los Angeles with our Air Tahiti Nui International Business Class boarding pass. American has a rule that doesn’t allow lounge access for flights to Canada, the Carribean or Latin America,, unless the flight is over 5 hours in length, or you are connecting from a One World carrier. Air Tahiti Nui is not a One World partner but is an AAdvantage partner. I tried explain that it was an American Airlines international business class ticket but they won’t budge, or make an exception on our behalf. We tried as the Admirals Club had showers, which we needed, but we were ultimately shut out. I know that rules are rules, but overall, the Star Alliance Lounge Access Rules are much more relaxed for us Canadians; allowing access regardless of destination for the most part.

Thankfully, I remembered that I had gotten two United Club one day passes with my Hyatt Diamond package last year and they were expiring at the end of June of that year. With promotional branding, Hyatt Diamond status was our saving grace and it became a perfect time to use them.

Locating the United Club Los Angeles:

After lunch at Shepard and the Tavern in the Tom Bradley International Terminal Los Angeles, we took the long zig zagged walk over to the United Club in Terminal 7. United Airlines operates out of of Los Angeles Terminal Seven and Eight which can be accessed from the Tom Bradley International Terminal on the secure side through a series of tunnels and passageways.

Locating the United Lounge in Terminal Seven
Map Courtesy of Los Angeles International Airports

Once at Los Angeles International Airport Terminal Seven, the lounge is located at the foot of the Terminal Seven Concourse. The entry is near Gate 71B.

The Lounge Access is at the Foot of the Concourse
Map Courtesy of Los Angeles International Airports

The lounge reception is accessible behind frosted class from the main concourse at Los Angeles Terminal Seven.

I assume these people are enjoying complimentary United Club Wi-Fi

Accessing the United Club:

The United Clubs have a variety of methods in order to gain access.

A boarding pass for travel in United Polaris business class: Customers in United Polaris business class may access United Club locations at departure, connecting and arrival airports, along their eligible same-day routing.

A boarding pass for travel in United Business (international): Customers traveling internationally in United Business may access United Club locations at departure, connecting and arrival airports along their eligible same-day routing. Customers traveling to and from Canada in United First are eligible for United Business access.

A boarding pass for travel in United Business (premium transcontinental): Customers on premium transcontinental flights may only access United Club locations at the origin and destination of their premium transcontinental flight. Premium transcontinental flights are only between New York/Newark and Los Angeles and New York/Newark and San Francisco.

A boarding pass for travel in first class on a Star Alliance member airline: Customers may only access a United Club location at the departure airport for their international first class flight. One guest is permitted.

A boarding pass for travel in business class on a Star Alliance member airline: Customers may only access a United Club location at the departure airport for their international business class flight.

Star Alliance Gold membership card: a valid Star Alliance Gold membership card and a same-day boarding pass for travel on a flight operated by a Star Alliance member airline and departing from the same airport or a same-day boarding pass showing Star Alliance Gold status, for travel on a flight operated by a Star Alliance member airline and departing from the same airport

A United Club Membership (including a Mileage Plus Credit Card Membership): A boarding pass for same-day travel with valid United Club membership number listed, or a valid United Club membership card and boarding pass for same-day travel, or a valid United Club membership number and boarding pass for same-day travel

A United Club One Time Pass: A valid mobile or paper United Club one-time pass and boarding pass for same-day travel, or a valid 15-digit one-time pass number and boarding pass for same-day travel.

Active duty US Military Members: Active duty United States military members with a valid military ID, boarding pass for travel within 24 hours on a United- or United Express-operated flight and one of the following:

  • Dressed in uniform
  • Leave orders
  • Rest and recuperation papers

Access is subject to United Club seating availability. Family members travelling on the same flight area are also permitted access.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Memberships: A valid Air Canada Maple Leaf Club membership card and a boarding pass for a flight operated by a Star Alliance member airline and departing from the same airport. Maple Leaf Club North America members can access United Club locations in the U.S. only. Maple Leaf Club Worldwide members can access all United Club locations.

United Club Lounge Reception

Today’s United Club Los Angeles access was courtesy of a United one time pass that I received through Hyatt Diamond qualification.


Inside the United Club Los Angeles:

After being admitted at lounge reception, we ascended the escalators to the upper floor where the main lounge space was located. We travelled up the escalator up to the top of the 3rd floor. Thankfully, there were no elevators. This is the only lounge in Los Angeles International Airport where riding an escalator is the primary way to access the lounge. I can’t say that I missed the usual lounge access elevator ride; it’s great to have escalators available.

The United Club Los Angeles opened in December 2016. It is easily the nicest United Lounge in the North American system, having replaced an outgrown United Red Carpet Club previously located on the lower floor concourse.

Arriving to the Lounge Levels from Reception Escalators

At the top of the escalators, there was another series of connection or re-booking desks. It’s a super convenient feature to have a cancelled flight re-booked directly in the lounge and something that I’ve even used in the past. It was totally empty on our visit.

Connections Desks

Heading into the lounge, United has really upped their game in the United Clubs. Occupying an entire upper floor with windows in a purpose built space, this place was far better than the old United Club. It was bright and airy with windows on all sides.

Arriving to the United Lounge Seating Area
United Lounge Seating
Tables and Chairs Near the Food Offerings

During our extended five hour visit, there was always capacity and places to sit. The places to sit included loungers, tables and chairs and communal tables. Despite a busy place, the lounge did not feel full or cramped thanks to a very spacious layout.

A Spacious Lounge

There were functional communal tables. There were plenty of desk spaces for working professionals. The tables featured functional and convenient plug in for laptops and devices.

Seating and Tables for Working Professionals
Always a variety of places to sit

There was a much fancier bar than the old bars typically found in the United Clubs. Like in all other United Clubs, the bar was full service. A select number of house drinks were complimentary, whereas a number of other drinks were considered premium, and subject to additional charge.

A Modernized Bar Concept Made the Place More Appealing

There was also a pleasant cool outdoor space which was actually comfortable to be in. Facing east, it was not too hot temperature wise, and out of the glaring Los Angeles sun and heat. As a result of its small footprint, it was a little difficult to find a seat outside, but at last the option was available.

An Outdoor Patio With an Eastern Exposure

There were also great views out of the floor to ceiling windows, including this one of a United Boeing 787 parked at Gate 77A.

A United B787-8 Parked at Gate 77A

We also spotted our Air Tahiti Nui flight TN 8 taxing for take off Los Angeles to Paris about 3 hours behind it’s schedule. It certainly would have been a long flight flying Air Tahiti Business Class Papeete – Los Angeles – Paris for those flying straight through back to back.

Air Tahiti Nui “Huku Niva” departing for Paris Charles de Gaulle

Unfortunately, we didn’t get one of these transfer’s to our next flight

United VIP Car Service

Unfortunately, I was unable to find those showers I was desperately seeking. This isn’t too much of a surprise, since United Clubs typically haven’t offered showers throughout the United Club domestic system.


Food and Beverage:

The United Club Los Angeles food offerings have also been upgraded. The old cereal silos have been vanquished to never never land. I have to report that the cheese cubes are still around but the individually wrapped Tillamook cheese are no more. Today’s menu offered interesting green salads, chick peas, celery sticks and cut carrots.

Green Salads and Chickpeas
Carrots, Celary and Tillimook Cheese Cubes

There were also a limited amount of baked goods, including a selection of fresh fruit.

United Cookies and Baked Goods
A Selection of Fresh Fruit

The drinks were served in proper stemware and the gin and tonics that I had were in actual glassware!! I don’t know why this was so astonishing but it wasn’t something that I was expected from United Airlines.

The Bottom Line: The United Club Los Angeles

The United Club Los Angeles was actually a United Club that I would spend some time in and made for a comfortable extended layover. It has a nice and bright location with an outdoor space that makes for a great variety of seating options. Unfortunately, there are no showers at this location, which was the only draw back. MrsWT73 said we should have come here sooner!I can’t say that I would have ever heard that description of a United Club a few years ago!!

If you’ve visited the United Club’s, in your opinion, is the Los Angeles location the best United Club in the system ?

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