Review: The Delta Sky Club, Minneapolis St Paul International Airport – Terminal One, Concourse F Gate F1, USA


Delta Airlines is not a carrier that I get to fly with much regularity, as a result of it being aligned in that other Airline alliance of Sky Team. Our travels today would have us through the Delta Airlines Sky Club in the Terminal One F Concourse. While the lounge was under renovation during our visit, it’s likely the start of greater things to come for this particular space.

This post is one chapter on our trip to New York City, New York, United States of America. This trip was enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status and credited to Alaska Mileage Plan. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: The Delta Sky Club, Minneapolis St Paul International Airport – Terminal One, Concourse F Near Gate F1, United States of America

This review is of The Delta Sky Club Minneapolis St Paul Terminal One Concourse F. For a review of the other Delta Sky Club at Minneapolis St Paul’s, please see our review of The Delta Sky Club Minneapolis St Paul Terminal One Concourse C.

We arrived to Minneapolis St Paul International airport on Delta Airlines First Class La Guardia New York – Minneapolis St Paul. After arriving to Gate C8, we headed off to the Rock Bottom Brewery for a proper meal. After a meal, we set off to locate the Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Concourse F in order to relax prior to our departing international flight on Delta Airlines First Class Minneapolis St Paul – Vancouver.

Locating the Delta Sky Club:

As with our visit on the way in, the Minneapolis St Paul’s International Airport has an easy to navigate layout making it easy to get from one end of it to the other. We were able to locate the Delta Sky Club F Concourse without any issue or incident.

Minneapolis St Paul Sky Club Map
Map Courtesy of Minneapolis St Paul Airport

After dinner, we headed over to the Delta Airlines Sky Club near Gate F1. It was very easy to find on the corner and the start of the “F” Concourse.

Entrance Way of the Delta Sky Club “F” Concourse

At the time of our visit, the Delta Club had several pop up displays that indicated that the club was under partial refurbishment

Accessing the Delta Sky Club Lounge:

The Delta Sky Club offers access through a number of ways.

As a Delta Sky Club Individual Member (an annual lounge membership), you would get access for yourself and two guests, or spouse / domestic partner and children under 21 (at $39 USD), with a confirmed same day boarding pass.

As a Delta One or Sky Team Premium Cabin Passenger, access is granted for passengers travelling in the flagship Delta One cabin on a Domestic Flight, or in a Delta One cabin on an international flight, or on a domestic flight connecting to an international flight. For Sky Team passengers (excluding Delta), customers need to be travelling on an international First Class or Business Class ticket. International Travel is considered to me almost anywhere outside of the United States, except Guam, Saipan, Palau and the Carribean. There are no guests permitted for premium cabin passengers.

If you are a a Skyteam Elite Plus member, including Delta Diamond, Platinum or Gold Medallion Members, you get access when travelling internationally, or connecting to and from an international flight. One guest is permitted.

If you happen to hold a variety of American Express cards, including the American Express Centurion or Platinum Cards, and the American Express Delta SkyMiles Reserve, you are given access with a confirmed same day boarding pass on a departing Delta Airlines flight. No guests are permitted.

Westjet Business Class Passengers and Westjet Rewards Gold and Platinum Members are provided access in conjunction with same day international travel on a flight operated by Westjet or Delta Airlines. No guests are permitted.

In our case, access was granted through travel on a confirmed international flight (from Canada) in a Delta First Class cabin.

Refreshed Delta Sky Club Reception

Inside the Delta Sky Club at Gate C12 Minneapolis St Paul:

The lounge reception admitted us with our international itinerary for travels up to Canada. We received an explanation that due to the reconstruction, that there were no hot items for consumption in the lounge.

Once inside, we were found a large lounge space with windows. The lounge was split across two soft levels with tiered seating on a mild upper and lower level.

Delta Sky Club Lounge Seating
A Convenient Ramp to the Lower Lounge Level
A Few Story Boards Blocked the Renovation Works

The windows were obscured with decals. On closer examination, the windows over looked a gate jet bridge, meaning that the view from this lounge was almost completely obstructed.

The Upper Dining Area

Food and Beverage:

During our visit, cold salads were on offer, in addition to “self serve” liquor and wine. The snacks were pretty light, and take away oriented. During the renovation visit, the snacks were missing any proper hot items.

Light Snacks Available
Buffet Bar for Food
Packaged Ritz Crackers

In addition to the temporary nature of the renovations, there were some upright fridges containing tinned soft drinks, and portable tables with self pour liquor available.

Temporary “Drink Fountain”
Wines and Spirits Table.

It was almost like camping or going to a BBQ; grab some mix people!

I picked up some magazines here, in addition to a copy of the New York Times newspaper. After a short visit in the lounge, we headed off to our connecting flight on Delta Airlines First Class Minneapolis St Paul – Vancouver.

My Thoughts on the Delta Airlines Sky Club on the “F” Concourse:

The flagship lounge in this Delta Airlines hub was under complete renovation. It wasn’t the best in the world, but it was a reasonable place to bunk down in the middle of a snow storm. Delta Airlines has either had great luck with the real estate acquisitions or has purposefully located great spaces as most Delta Sky Club’s that I’ve visited have had great outdoor looking windows. Regretfully, this one overlooked a jet bridge and was partially obstructed in the view. As a result, this particular location had the least interesting view People aren’t really missing much by not seeing the inside here.

If you regularly fly Delta Airlines from Minneapolis St Paul, which Sky Club is your favourite ?

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