Review: Air France Business Class A318, Munich – Paris.


Our connecting flight on Air France from Munich to Paris Charles de Gaulle had us travelling on one of the most unique Airbus aircrafts in the world; the Airbus 318. We would enjoy a short hop over to the Air France Hub in Paris Charles de Gaulle prior to connecting onwards to our international flight home.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Malta, Italy and Germany. This trip was enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status and credited to Alaska Mileage Plan and Air Canada’s Aeroplan. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Air France Business Class A318, Munich Franz Joseph Strauß Airport – Paris Charles de Gaulle

We departed the Air France KLM Lounge Munich. It was a pretty simple experience but we had gotten what we had needed from the lounge on our early morning visit.

We got on board the Airbus 318 without much delay. Before this trip, I had never ridden on an Airbus 318 and it’s among the least popular narrow body aircraft in the Airbus fleet.

The Sky Priority lane was clearly marked and boarding by status was enforced. An over zealous gate agent tagged my laptop bag with instructions to place it “under the seat”; despite us being assigned the bulkhead seat.

Gat Area at Munich International Airport
Air France
Business Class
MUC-CDG (Munich Terminal 1 – Paris Charles de Gaulle T2F)
Sept 25, 2016
Booked: Airbus 318
Flown: Airbus 318
Departure: 07:15 AM
Arrival: 08:55 AM

On Board Air France Business Class:

On board, the seating is typical economy with a blocked middle seat. Here is a photo in the event you missed what it looked like. The bulkhead is really the only seat worth having in this cabin it seems that the seats on the right hand side, 1 D and 1 F have a bit more space than the seats in 2 A and 2 C.

It is also worth noting that when we booked 4 months out, the bulkhead seats were the only seats marked as available. All other seats were shown as occupied. Similar to other carriers, Air France has the ability to expand the business class cabin by adjusting the number of rows of seats in the cabin as a result of the seat configuration being the same as economy.

I don’t know if they expand the business cabin based on demand, but it didn’t seem like last minute travellers would get their preferred seat assignments if they were traveling at the last minute.

Air France Business Class
Airbus 318

There was plenty of bag space for rollies and other bags, not pictured. If this is a concern for you (as it always is for me) there was nothing to worry about.

We had a prompt, on time departure today, and a climb out of a foggy Munich where the sun was just starting to rise.

On the Climb from Foggy Munich

The Meal: A Continental Breakfast

Service was a bit slow with breakfast being offered about T+45 minutes. I wasn’t super hungry today after gorging myself in the lounge but I took one for the team and had the breakfast tray being served. The offering had yogurt, heated croissant from the breadbasket and orange juice to drink. For whatever reason, there was no printed menu today like there was on our inbound flight to Munich.

A Continental Breakfast

It was a very short flight. We had some beautiful clouds as we came into Paris CDG.

Clouds on the Descent into CDG

We touched down at CDG with distant views to the Air France Concorde at CDG, parking next to other Air France short haul jets.

Distant Views of the Air France Concorde
Parking Next to an Air France Airbus 320

My Thoughts on the Air France Short Hop Experience:

Overall, it was a pretty average flight no different than any other European carrier short haul. Most interestingly, it seemed like supply was short in demand as the business class cabin was totally full. Had we not booked our trip well in advance (4 months prior to travelling), we may not have had any ability to get a seat.

If you’ve flown Air France, did you have an easy time in securing Business Class availability ?

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