Review: Asiana Airlines Business Lounge, Seoul Incheon, South Korea


Our departure from Seoul, Incheon International Airport in South Korea entitled us to visit the Asiana Airlines Business Class Lounge. Asiana Airlines always puts out an excellent product and is admirable competitor to the major class leader Korean Airlines in South Korea. Our visit to the Asiana Business Lounge had us take in a reasonable breakfast in advance of our early morning flight down to Vietnam.

This post is one chapter on our third Round the World trip via South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, the Maldives and India. This trip was redeemed through Air Canada’s Aeroplan and through Starwood Preferred Guest (Marriott Bonvoy) and Hyatt Gold Passport (World of Hyatt) loyalty programs. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Asiana Airlines Business Lounge, Terminal One, Seoul Incheon, South Korea

This review is of the Asiana Airlines Business Lounge in the main International wing of the Seoul Incheon International Airport. For other lounges in the Seoul Incheon International Airport, please see our review of the Asiana Airlines First Class Lounge or the Asiana Airlines Business Class Lounge Outer Concourse.

Checking into Asiana Airlines Business Class:

We woke up at 4:45 AM to catch the first shuttle bus back from The Nest Hotel Incheon, to the airport. The buses were on an hourly schedule and we didn’t want to get left behind by Asiana Airlines again. I was up and awake at three in the morning anyway thanks to the effects of jet lag. 

We arrived to the opening of the Asiana First and Business class counters with the Asian morning ceremony, featuring a brief welcome bow. We were checked in. We had a visa check conducted at the check in counter for Vietnam. I asked about our mis-connected bags, not really expecting a real answer, but more to make a note of it on file that we had bags and that they weren’t currently with us. After a few phone calls, we were assured that they would be checked in on our flight today.

Seoul Incheon Departure Check In
Asiana Airlines Check in Lanes
Morning Bowing Ritual

Incheon Airport proudly advertises that they are the world’s best airport ten years running through prominent advertising. It’s a nice place, within a beautiful building, but every time I come through here the place is chock full of lines and crowds. Making matters worse is that there are limited priority services for premium travelers. This means that you have to line up with everyone else taking a low cost carrier services. Normally, this isn’t a bit deal, but when there are over 500 people in line a head of you for security screening, it’s a bit of a let down. Thankfully, as in the past, both security and passport screening were relatively quick. Incheon appears to be at or near capacity during the busy hours.

Security Screening Check Point Queues at Incheon Airport

Locating the Asiana Airlines Business Class Lounge:

After a failed strike at duty free shopping for some BB Cream for MrsWT73, we headed to the Asiana Business Lounge.

Seoul Incheon Terminal One – Secure Side

I got a bit turned around as I seem to recall that the entrance used to be adjacent to the First Class Lounge. The lounge appeared to be expanded with the old entrance blocked.

Asiana Business Class Lounge – Seoul Incheon
Asiana Airlines Business Lounge Entrance

Accessing The Asiana Airlines Business Lounge:

The Asiana Business Lounge is designed as the departure lounge for all Asiana Airlines passengers in addition to Star Alliance Business Class travellers. Access is provided for

Asiana Airlines /Star Alliance members departing on regular flights:

  • Business Class passengers
  • Economy Class Asiana Club Diamond Plus members (with 24 month membership) plus one guest
  • Asiana Club Diamond members plus one guest
  • Star Alliance Gold members plus one guest

Departing on Asiana Airlines operated flights : 

  • Economy Smartium passengers taking an Asiana Airlines A350 long-distance flight (to the U.S., Europe or Australia)
  • Priority Pass Card holder on Asiana Airlines/Star Alliance Member carrier operated flight(please direct any inquiries regarding entry requirements and costs to the card issuer.) 
    • Check conditions of lounge use based on mileage 

Today’s access was granted courtesy of an Asiana Airlines Business Class ticket.

Asiana Business Lounge Reception

There was a model of the Asiana Airbus A380 on display at the top of the stars across from receiption. We were admitted access with a light bow and welcome at the top of the escalators. 


Inside the Asiana Airlines Business Lounge:

The Asiana Business Class lounge appears to be a complete copy of the Asiana First Class Lounge. The main terminal Asiana business class lounge is a much nicer place than the Asiana outer concourse lounge. The two couldn’t be more different, as the main concourse lounge offers wonderful views over the apron, and excellent natural light. The outer concourse Asiana Business Class is a bit of a dungeon with no windows.

At this particular location, we were treaded to a nice large space, with natural light windows. There were plenty of areas to sit in, coupled with a library decor reminiscent of a gentleman’s lounge.

Asiana Business Lounge – Lounge Chairs
Asiana Lounge Seating

The Asiana Lounges are typically anchored by a large opulent black Grand Piano. I’ve never seen anyone ever play it, but it’s always there whenever we pass through.

Asiana Grand Piano
Asiana Grand Piano
Pianos waiting to be played
Asiana Lounge Grand Piano

Food and Beverage:

At one end of the lounge was a food and beverage counter. Unlike our other Asiana Lounge Experience which offered limited food and beverage outside of scheduled hours, there was a full on breakfast offering available today. We settled in with a view over the apron and had a great breakfast. Salads, eggs and sausage / Sauerkraut, along with espressos, lattes, toasts / croissants and stir fried glass noodles topped us up.

Asiana Lounge Table Seating
Bread Rolls and Other Breakfast Pastries
Breakfast Green Salads

The lounge filled up quite a but during our time here. Given the morning hour, the breakfast bar got to be quite busy and many tables were occupied with breakfast seekers.

Views from the Lounge:

Given that the design of the airport features one side of the building with massive floor to ceiling windows, it goes without saying that you’ll have terrific airplane views from this lounge. Today’s views featured many Asiana Airlines livery planes, decorated in colorful greys, yellows, red and purples

Asiana B747-4 as viewed from the Asiana Business Lounge

The Bottom Line: The Asiana Business Lounge

Although lacking any one standout feature (aside from the cool piano), the Asiana Business Lounge is a comfortable place to exist prior to your flight. It offered a decent amount of food and beverage, lots of space, comfortable seating along with decent aircraft views. That’s sometimes more than you can ask for when you travel. 

If you’ve visited the Asiana Business Lounge, what was your visit like?

2 Comments on “Review: Asiana Airlines Business Lounge, Seoul Incheon, South Korea

    • The lounge is usually an early morning to midnight operation… although they’ve had some reduced hours recently as a result of the pandemic.

      I’ve never been through Incheon International Airport when the lounge has been closed; as a result “hours of access” typically hasn’t been an issue, in my experience.


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