Review: LOT Business Lounge Polonez, Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, Warsaw, Poland


LOT Polish Airlines is one of the smaller airlines in Europe. Despite being one of the smaller carriers, it has been in operation since 1928 and is one of the oldest airlines in the world having had ninety two years of operations. LOT Polish Airlines is a member of Star Alliance and offers connectivity around the world. We had the opportunity to visit one its flagship lounges in Warsaw on our trip departing Poland.

This post is one chapter on our second Round the World trip via Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Poland. This trip was redeemed through Air Canada’s Aeroplan and through Starwood Preferred Guest (Marriott Bonvoy) loyalty programs. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: LOT Business Lounge Polonez, Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, Warsaw, Poland

The LOT Business Lounge Polonez is one of several LOT Business Lounges available at Frederick Chopin Airport in Warsaw, Poland. While it used to be the only lounge available, it has now been joined by the LOT Business Lounge Mazurek which serves its international non Shengen flights.

Before we knew it, it was time for the return trip. A quick and easy departure from The Hotel Bristol. The taxi to the airport hailed by the doorman who just happened to be passing by in the street. Today’s fare was 35 PLN ($11 USD) fare to airport. 

Warsaw Chopin Airport

Checking into Lufthansa Business Class:

On check in, the line dragon insisted we use the kiosk to check in instead of the business class check in counter. We queued along with others while the computer asked us to verify who we were, resulting us to dig up ticket numbers and that sort of thing. Of course, it took several attempts to get the passport reader to scan the passports. It’s a shame that this isn’t standardized across the industry since every carrier seems to have different systems and alignments. 

Lufthansa Business Class Check In
Lufthansa Business Class Check In

Once checked in we were back in the business class check in line for bag drop. Our bags were checked through on our next Lufthansa Business Class flight from Munich – Vancouver. We were encouraged with Eastern European crispness to use the business class security line and lounge. The airport was conveniently designed in a completely separate area, the security check exit led directly towards the lounge. 

Direct Access to Security

Locating the LOT Business Lounge Polonez:

The lounge was located shortly after security screening in a central location of the Warsaw Chopin Airport. The lounge was situated up one eleven from the departures concourse, and was accessible either by elevator or escalator.

Location of the LOT Business Lounge Polonez
Courtesy of the Federic Chopin Airport Website
Escalator Access to the LOT Business Lounge

The LOT Business Lounge is located immediately after security and in the Shengen area. At the Warsaw Frederick Chopin Airport, travelers pass through the Shengen Area to get to the non – Shengen area, meaning that those traveling on international flights could use this particular lounge prior to exit immigration from the EU. 

Accessing The LOT Business Lounge Polonez:

The terms and conditions for getting into the LOT Business Lounge Polonez were pretty standard as expected for a Star Alliance Carrier.

The LOT Business lounge “Polonez” is available for:

  • Departing Star Alliance Business Class Passengers
  • Lufthansa Miles and More HON, SEN, FTL (Miles& More, selected flights) status level and Star Alliance Gold Star Members
  • LOT Premium Economy Passengers after paying a fee of PLN 120 per Passenger (at LOT Business Lounge “Polonez” reception)

LOT Business Lounge “Polonez” is not available for Star Alliance FTL members, Business Class and LOT PremiumEconomy Passengers traveling on charter flights.

Today’s access was granted courtesy of our Lufthansa Business Class ticket.

Inside The LOT Business Lounge Polonez:

After we were checked in, we entered the LOT Business Lounge. It’s always intriguing to see the best lounge that any flag carrier has to offer at their home base and primary station. The LOT Lounge was a conservative space and size for short haul flight timings but it would likely be packed full during wide body flights. 

LOT Business Lounge Seating
Windows Into the Terminal Provided Atrium Views
A LOT Airlines Stronghold

The lounge had many compact spaces that offered up quiet more intimate spaces instead of larger more open spaces. This actually worked for this place since it was tranquil on our visit.

Small Seating Spaces

Surprisingly and unique for a lounge, the space had several water features and some deep lounge chairs.

Small Spaces against a Green Wall

The LOT Elite Lounge:

The lounge also offered a LOT Elite Lounge. The LOT Elite Lounge is “a lounge within a lounge” concept. It offered a quieter space with different food offerings. At the time of our visit, it was limited to First Class and Lufthansa HON Circle travellers although it has since opened up to other travellers.

Entrance to the Elite Club Lounge

Food and Beverage:

The lounge had a selection of cold cuts and cheeses were available. The LOT Business Lounge had the largest selection of cold cuts I’ve ever seen inside a lounge.

Wrapped Snacks
A Broad Selection of Cold Cuts

More interestingly, in true Eastern European form, the lounge offered a strong selection of stiff alcohol. There was whisky, gin and vodka available. More surprisingly, the pours were a standard four or three ounces per glass without ice. Along with the cold cuts, I’ve never been at a lounge offering such stiff pours!

Direct Pour Liquor
Gin or Whisky

The lounge had limited alcohol. For those bottles that were on display, they did have encouraged 3 oz or larger pours in true Polish style. Wodka was kept separately in the fridge along with the juices. 

A four or three ounce pour??

To relax, I started with a 3 oz gin and tonic along with a forest mushroom soup that is oh so popular here in Warsaw, featured as a local delicacy. 

Eventually, we headed down to the gate at T-40 for our Lufthansa Business Class Warsaw – Munich flight and a relaxed boarding for our commuter flight. Overall, the LOT Business Lounge was not a bad lounge, but not one of the most memorable either. It made for a pleasant location to rest in prior to the flight.

Boarding at Gate 8
Lufthansa Embarer 190 taking us to Munich

The Bottom Line: The LOT Business Lounge Polonez

The LOT Business Lounge was a pretty straight forward lounge experience. It was a smaller and compact space that offered a lot of more intimate seating locations. While we visited during a quiet period, it would likely are a busy place if we were there during their wide body departures. The lounge provided the largest selection of cold cuts I’ve ever seen in a space, including the stiffest drinks.

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