Review: Swisshotel China “Hong Kong Macau Center”, Beijing, China

We had a perfectly functional stay at the Swisshotel China “Hong Kong Macau Center” hotel. The property was conveniently situated on the Beijing Metro train line and was a convenient ride to all stops.

This post is one chapter in our Around the World in Star Alliance First Class via China, Thailand and Spain. This trip was booked using Air Canada Aeroplan miles. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Swisshotel China “Hong Kong Macau Center”, Beijing, China

Booking and Getting there:

I booked at this property because it offered a great deal, and was within the second ring road (of the center of town at Tianamen Square) and had the Dongshitao subway station immediately across from the entrance. I thought it at 696 RMB ($109 USD), it was too good to be true, until I found a better rate on Expedia for 475 RMB!! I did attempt to price match, but then was informed that my rate included buffet breakfast and internet – so I elected to stay with the better breakfast rate to please MsWT73’s breakfast cravings. I admit, I have difficulties with Asian breakfasts as well and appreciate a western or european breakfast when it’s available. 

A big minus though- I couldn’t figure out the name of this place which shook my confidence when booking. Small rant here: why name a hotel with another country’s name “Hong Kong / Macau Center”? I must have spent 15 minutes confirming that this hotel was actually in Beijing, China through Trip Advisor and the hotel website and not in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

To transfer to the hotel, we elected to take the Airport Express train and change to the subway. We passed through the very cool Beijing Airport Express Train Station at Beijing Capital Airport.

Beijing Airport Train Station

Its always a bit strange to see dancing pandas on a subway platform but I guess that is considered normal in China.

Dancing Pandas

We transferred to the local subway which required a second ticket of 2 RMB ($0.30 USD). Arriving to the hotel two stops away, It was here that I broke the handle on my luggage trying to lift 70 pounds of laptop gear, snorkel equipment, amenity kits and suitcase as I was trying to climb the stairs in front of the hotel, at Dongshitdao station. We had only been gone 4 days. Drama already.

The Room: A Classic Room, King

We arrived to a compact room with dated phones, but it was totally comfortable. The shower, also compact was perfectly functional. The old world library look that works so well in the Asiana First lounge in Incheon, didn’t work as well here. 

Swisshotel – Classic Room King
Swiss Hotel Classic Room Bathroom

The room had an interesting view towards the Dongshitdao traffic circle, which was full of traffic at almost every hour. 

Dongshitdao Traffic Circle, Beijing

The internet in the room was only of the ethernet wired variety. It was free with our rate. Part of me can’t believe that facebook is still blocked in China in 2012 but I guess that’s the way of the world when you’re not in your own home country. 


Close to airport. Taxi only 120 yuan from hotel to Airport.
Within the second ring road, so travel times were quite short to attractions. 
Breakfast (included) was massive and included omelette and dim sum stations, salmon and pain au chocolats. 
Good soundproofing – no highway noise.


Small shower and tiny room footprint for the swisshotel. 
Somewhat dated interior
No real tourist restaurants outside of the hotel at this circle (or at least ones with an english menu). You’d need to travel for a western dinner.


An older 3 1/2 or 4 star hotel (depending on your discerning tastes), with a good location, close to the airport freeway with easy access, with great food. I would stay here again on leisure travel for the same rate, although there were more business travelers than leisure travelers when we were here. I was surely satisfied given the rate we got this property for.

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