Review: British Airways Galleries Lounge and Pre-Flight Dining, New York JFK, USA

This post is one chapter in our trip to New York City via Cathay Pacific First Class. This trip was booked using American Airlines AAdvantage miles and Starwood Preferred Guest points. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: British Airways Galleries Lounge & Pre-Flight Dining, New York JFK, United States

After some time in the British Airways First Class Lounge, I took a spin over to the British Airways Business side of the lounge. It was much busier as can be expected with so many departures this evening. I actually enjoyed the layout and brightness of the sitting area a bit better than the First Side.

Inside the British Airways Galleries Lounge:

Food and Beverage:

The wines were also bit cheaper on the business side. These were along side regular Smirnoff (the horrors 


 ) and Gordon’s Gin.

Inside British Airways Pre-Flight Dining:

Pre Flight Dining is offered by British Airways with the idea that you can eat before your flight, then settle in immediately for a good night’s sleep, arriving refreshed in the morning. I was looking forward to trying it out.

“A terrific concept that unfortunately has all the charm of a Las Vegas buffet at suppertime”

We got a little puckish with the late departure of the flight, so the time came and we headed over from the First Lounge side to investigate. The entry was guarded by another lounge dragon.

First impressions? My gawd, a terrific idea but super crowded. It’s worse than attempting to get food at a food stall in Asia. It was almost like the line up at the Royal Fork Buffet on half price special night. All sorts of people here, families with kids, senior citizens taking up tables and extra chairs with only a few empty places to sit.

The evil eyes here at my photo taking: This is supposed to be a dignified dining area!!

The food was pretty average bland cafeteria fare. It was all help yourself buffet, with the exception of the noodle bar. The noodle bar was supposed to be chef attended, but the chef must have been off on a 15 minute break during our visit.

After the Las Vegas buffet line up and the search for the noodle attendant concluded, I settled in with a light noodle bowl- a Vietnamese noodle dish with chicken and broth, along with some smoked turkey and salad along with a Bancroft Sauvingon Blanc white.

After we devoured that, we got out of there pretty quick. It wasn’t exactly a relaxing environment, but it beat wandering the terminal looking for food.

Inside the Elemis Travel Spa:

I topped off the evening with a quick courtesy shower at the Elemis Spa. British Airways offers “quickie” spa services to it’s Business Class and First Passengers. This service is not extended to Cathay First or Business passengers. However, there was no problems with the shower.

There was no wait for a shower room. Again, peel back the layers, the facility is showing signs of wear. I’ve seen better towels at my local YMCA.

After the shower, I retired back to the First Side prior to the flight. Overall a pleasant time made nicer by the fine selection of hard alcohol and spirits in the BA First Lounge.

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