City Visit: Christmas Markets in Munich, Germany

City Visit: Christmas Markets in Munich, Germany

We woke up at about 10:30 AM and had a late Brunch breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

The weather was unfortuately rainy today, making it less than ideal for a day of sightseeing. We walked from the hotel two long blocks down to Karlsplatz. Karlsplatz was festively decorated with a temporary skating rink. It marked the unofficial start of the Munich Christmas Market.

Christmas Markets on Marienplatz:

We wandered down Neuhauser Street towards Marienplatz. It wasn’t hard to find the Christmas market. They were lined up all down the street and open for business.

We stopped for our first Gluewein at a booth near Michaelskirche. Most of the booths have a small drinking area that is inside and protected from the elements.

We contined on towards Marienplatz. There were heaps of Christmas market booths. Despite this, the weather and rain didn’t let up.

Despite the weather, the crowds were out in strength at Marienplatz.

A visit to Hofbrähaus beer garden:

After taking in the sights at Marienplatz, we headed over to Hofbrähaus. Hofbrähaus is just off the Marienplatz and only a few blocks away. It was a smart idea to get us out of the rain and get somewhere dry downtown.

Although it’s a bit touristy in here, it’s always a fun time. This afternoon, there was an omm pa pa band playing. I had a litre of beer (one serving) and MrsWT73 had a few wines.

Returning via Marienplatz after dark:

We headed back towards the hotel from the Hofbrähaus then over through Marienplatz wandering through the Christmas villages. The sun had set and the Christmas lights were out in full display.

We headed back towards the hotel with another stop up for Gluhwein. Our next stop was next to a wood burning bon fire which was a lot more comfortable in the rain.

Even the nearby stores at Kaufhoff were decorated with Christmas displays, which entertained the kiddies.

The rain did not seem to deter many. The Munich residents were out in force on a Saturday night.

I took a quick peek into the church near Kalsplatz on the way back; just to get out of the rain. It’s so non descript, you’d pretty much walk right by it without even noticing it there.

We headed back toward the hotel past Hirmler department store and back to the hotel to relax. I hate to admit it, but we had one last Glüwhein at the ice rink at Karlsplatz. The rink was coated into a nice blue color for the evening.

Our first night in Munich was pretty quick. We had the usual jet lag but made the most of it taking in some local activities. It was a nice experience to mark Christmas Market #1, despite the bad weather!

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