World Traveller 73


Region Visit: Nesjavillir, Iceland Today was get away day and unfortunately, time to leave Iceland. We had really enjoyed our visit and the opportunity to explore the various parts of the country side. For once, I actually believed that I would be returning to a country sooner rather than later. Before we left the Ion Adventure Hotel, I took a short clamber on the hiking trail behind the hotel. It seems there… Read More

City Visit: Reykjavik, Iceland – Part II We didn’t set the alarm today and had set the “do not disturb” sign on the door. We woke up at 1 PM! Oh my. I guess we needed the sleep. The eastward jet lag knocked us out. With no real agenda, and a decision made yesterday not to take an out of town excursion to an icefield, cave or somewhere similar, we ended up… Read More

City Visit: Reykjavik, Iceland – Part I Since our hotel room at Hotel 101 wasn’t ready at 8 AM when we arrived, we decided to do a little self guided exploring around Reykjavik to help pass the time. I had mentally prepared for an early arrival and the possibility that we wouldn’t get into the room until 4 PM. What I hadn’t reconciled was how long it would be before we could… Read More