World Traveller 73


Maldivian Airlines runs a small network of international and domestic flights as the flag carrier for the Republic of Maldives. Their international destinations include Bangkok, Thailand, in addition to several destinations in India which include Cochin, Chennai, Mumbai and Trivandrum. Maldivian’s domestic airport will be home to many travellers experiences as Maldivian is often the back bone connecting tourists to the various resorts. Our trip with them would be our third flight… Read More

It sometimes take a little extra time to get to somewhere special. This saying couldn’t be more truthful in the Maldives where the resorts are spread out across hundreds of small atolls interconnected by speed boats, boat transfers and sea planes. Our journey from MalĆ© to the Park Hyatt took us on Maldivian Air on a string of planes boats and transfers. This post is one chapter in our trip to the… Read More