Restaurant Closing after 50 Years; Review: C’est Japon à Sushia, Ottawa, Canada

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The life span of a restaurant usually about eight to ten years. It’s exceptionally unusual to have a restaurant last twenty years. In today’s news, I’m saddened to report that one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in the Central Business District of Ottawa, Canada has announced that it is closing after almost fifty years of operation. I managed to visit one last time on a recent trip. Read on to see the last photographs of C’est Japon à Sushia restaurant.

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Restaurant Closing after 50 Years: Review: C’est Japon à Sushia, Ottawa, Canada

At times, business travel often has you re-visiting the same cities over and over again. Given that some of these trips are time compressed, it’s easy to look toward familiarity when it comes to dining at restaurants.

I’m saddened to report that “C’est Japon à Sushia” has announced that it is permanently closing on Canada Day on July 1, 2023. This restaurant happened to be one that I had visited on several occasions; at times while dining alone and other times dining with out of town travelling companions and co-workers.

About C’est Japon à Sushia:

The Japanese restaurant C’est Japon à Sushia is a restaurant located with in the Central Business District downtown area of Ottawa in the Nation’s capital of Canada. It’s located an easy walk from most downtown hotels, including several on my regular travel circuit such as The Sheraton Ottawa, The Ottawa Marriott Hotel and The Westin Ottawa.

C’est Japon à Sushia is easily accessible from many downtown hotels, and can be accessed with a short walk.

C’est Japon a Sushia Announces it’s Closing After Almost 50 Years:

The restaurant C’est Japon à Sushia has been open since 1974. That’s almost fifty years of operation. In a business environment where a restaurant’s typically last only ten years, and with fifty percent of restaurants failing within the first three years of operation, C’est Japon à Sushia has withstood the test of time.

Unfortunately, when I went to visit C’est Japon à Sushia website on my last trip to Ottawa to check out their menu, I learned that the beloved Ottawa restaurant has elected to close due the end of their lease.

The closure of the Japanese Restaurant is a loss to the Ottawa Restaurant scene. I can’t help but think that this is because of the older building that the restaurant is located in. It is now surrounded by prime real estate high rise property development.


Visiting C’est Japon à Sushia:

After a short walk from the Ottawa Marriott Hotel, I returned to C’est Japon à Sushia for one last meal.

C’est Japon à Sushia is located in a non descript building that is subdivided with offices upstairs.

Immediately on entering the restaurant, and once past reception, you’ll be led up the stairs. On my visit on Friday night at 8:30 PM, I was able to get seated before the restaurant closed at 9 PM. At reception, I happened to overhear that the restaurant was fully booked for Saturday night. This is a great sign that the restaurant still commands a lot of business, even fifty years in.

The restaurant even has a “retro” river running along the lefthand side of the stairs. It’s one of the few restaurants’ that I’ve visited, that has had a babbling brook locating inside the actual restaurant itself.

Once you arrive to the main restaurant floor, you’ll likely be led past the restaurant’s giant sushi bar and kaiten “conveyor” belt for sushi. The bar is lit with Japanese Lanterns, making for a nice authentic experience.

While it’s not the newest or more contemporary restaurant décor, it’s withstood that timeless test of time and offers a welcoming dining experience.


On the C’est Japon à Sushia Menu:

You’d be hard pressed to find an excellent supply of fresh fish in land locked Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Thankfully, the fish and C’est Japon a Sushia has always been terrific.

C’est Japon a Sushia offers a menu with all the usual Japanese favourites.

The menu at C’est Japon à Sushia isn’t the cheapest Japanese menu out there. Despite this, the pricing is reasonable, especially considering that there is no easy access to a supply of sashimi grade fish in landlocked Ottawa.

The printed menu was presented in an old school menu wrapped in protective plastic wrapping. At the very least, the menus have seen mileage over their many years of use.


The Meal: Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura and Sushi Bento Box

For my last meal at C’est Japon à Sushia, I enjoyed an Asahi draft beer. It’s unusual to find Asahi beer in draft format in most Japanese restaurants, so I jumped at the opportunity.

I went with a Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura Bento Box, which was paired with a salmon avocado roll, a mix of sushi and two miniature roe cones, along with a fresh green salad.

The sushi was remarkably fresh, showing that quality standards aren’t slipping despite the intentions of the restaurant to close in two months time.

After a great final dinner, I had a short walk back to The Ottawa Marriott Hotel after dinner to relax off the evening.

My Thoughts on the Closing of C’est Japon à Sushia:

It’s a sad day when any restaurant closes after a fifty year run. I’m really sad to report that C’est Japon à Sushia is closing on July 1, 2023.

I will really miss this restaurant in Ottawa’s Downtown Restaurant scene. While it wasn’t the most contemporary space, I really enjoyed it’s down to earth feel. The staff always made me feel at home. The Japanese food also happened to be really good for a city in the middle of the country and far away from an ocean.

For those looking to visit C’est Japon à Sushia restaurant for one last time, you have two months left to get in your visit before it’s last day of business on July 1, 2023. Make sure you get in early, as the place remains very popular. You might miss out, if you leave it too late.

If you have visited C’est Japon à Sushia, are you saddened by the announcement of the restaurant’s upcoming closure ?

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